Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Of dribble, snot and food bits

A few posts ago, I wrote briefly on how addictive online shopping is. Has that stopped me from surfing cyber retail shops? =P Not really. BUT (again) this time, I had yet ANOTHER good reason why I HAD to get these really funky bibs (and fine, maybe some cute dresses too).

Iman Daniella is a drooler and she loves to eat. One day, I caught my helper using the edge of Iman's skirt to wipe the remains of her food bits - and that really irked me. I asked her why didn't she use at least a tissue (if not the muslin cloths we normally use).

"Oh. Sorry -- jauh (far)"

I explained to the helper that it was not just etiquettely improper, but unhygienic too. (I was going to continue nagging her,  but work beckoned).

Anyway, I decided to use the hand-me-down bibs from Isobel's baby collection, so there's NO excuse for her the helper to use Iman's dress/top as a hankie.

Looking still brand new, I realized why I barely used the bibs given to me by kind hearted friends. Firstly, because most of them were white in colour. I recall using one of the bibs when feeding Isobel as a tot many years ago -- and the pain of getting the food stains out was annoying. So, being a first-time mom then -- I opted for the coloured muslin cloths that I had instead. (Sayang mah...)

Secondly, I'm okay with the colour pink and everything sweet - but there were times when I wanted Isobel to look a little bit more edgier -- so I'd use some old cloth badges of mine and sewed it on the food stained bibs - not to just cover the yellow splotches, but to also put some rock and funk into her bibs.

Anyway, so I used to hand-me-down bibs on my 1-year old Iman -- but she didn't quite like having something around her neck, and kept yanking it off.

So one day, I decided to google a solution and came across this website: funkygiraffebibs.co.uk.

Funky Giraffe offers a wide selection of affordable funky baby clothes including dribble bibs,bandana bibs, rompers, t-shirts, dresses, hats and burp clothes of truly unique designs. I like the fact that the material used for each bib are ethically sourced materials (eco me likey) and that they ensure the bibs fits snugly so baby feels at ease, yet being secure enough so that the little one cannot pull it off mid feed.

When I was browsing through their designs, I understood why they named themselves funky. They REALLY did have some funky designs to offer! From various colours, they also had some awesome designs-- anything from plain, spots, stripes, stars....to funky, floral and retro! I think they even do personalized bibs if you want to put a name etc.

Since I'm a bit morbid, I found the skulls and guitar ones quite cool. Isobel (being the pinky that she is) said we should get Iman a pink striped bib too. So, into the shopping cart it went.

FINALLY! It's HEREEEEEE! Yipee. Now to try 'em on our girl Iman Daniella.

Cute pink and white stripe ensemble with polka dot pockets

Isobel wanted this for the butterfly print. 

Skulls don't always have to be scary

Hard to capture good shots of a very active baby, but here you go.

Red and White stripe dress with matching polka dot pockets.
Two poppers to ensure a secure fit

I like the bibs mama

The dribble bibs are made of soft brushed cotton and designed by hand.  At the back of the bib is a fleece like material that prevents liquids soaking through the bib -- initially, we were afraid that Iman would be annoyed with "the thing around her neck" -- but she didn't mind it at all.

Iman has a knack for books

Just to be sure, we tried another bib on her the next day. (We only used the soft pink skull bib during dinner time)

See how funky our girl looks with her striped bandana bib. =)

Since mummy and daddy likes music, we opted for a guitar design besides the skulls and stripes.

At the end of the day, Iman was quite happy with the bibs from Funky Giraffe. I like the fact that it was small enough to act more like a fashion accessory than just a baby bib. Yet the soft but durable material was great for wiping food bits and drool. (and it was easy to wash too!)

" Funky Giraffe use only high quality cotton fabric for our bibs and  baby clothes, making them comfortable and safe for baby. All fabric is made to OEKOTEX standard 100 and we only use water based inks which are much safer for children and the environment"

So, my review on this? Definitely a thumbs up. I think I will get some personalized bibs the next time around -- maybe a more generic "Iking-Azmi"stitching -- in case we decide to expand in the near future. =)

Website: www.funkygiraffebibs.co.uk
Facebook: Funkygiraffebaby

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