Friday, December 7, 2012

Come Fly with me!

Flyoga (Fly Fitness) is a low impact and light form of aerial exercise using a fabric hammock known as the FLY hammock to help provide a total body strengthening and stretch activity. FLY Fitness teaches coordination and concentration, and it brings fitness to a whole different level. This locally created fitness concept has already spread its wings to Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong , Indonesia and soon Australia. Reflecting the latest concept in healthy lifestyle, it helps to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone.
I will be part of this charity event with The Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue, to help them raise fund in purchasing the 1st ambulance for animal. On the 15th Dec 2012 starting at 10am till 7 pm, we are going to run 8 fly Fitness classes (one hour per class) with the participation of local celebrities.I will be attending the 3pm one-hour class slot  to create the awareness of this organisation. 

Sooooo.....Do join me for a fun filled day of FLY FITNESS! All proceeds will be channelled to the MIAR to aid them in purchasing the Malaysia's FIRST ever ambulance for animals!



'#FLYOGATHON- a fun way to work out while doing good deeds! For more info go to --'

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