Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am SO happy Obama won!

I've been following Obama's and Romney's Presidential campaign for a year now and the 7th November was a much anticipated date for me, as well as most Americans. Sadly, I had work on polling day, so I had to depend on my live updates from twitter and my news feed on my ipad.

As I was heading home after Bella at the studio, I was so happy to find out that Obama won and will be the President of the United States of America for another 4 years. Yippee!

He tweetpic-ed this:

"Four more years"

Hubs and I immediately took a detour to celebrate at a local joint.

I missed out on his Victory Speech, so if you want to see a repeat, here it is:
Part 1

Teary-eyed. "I wouldn't be the man I am today, if it weren't for the woman who married me 20 years ago...Michelle, I've never loved you more, I've never been proud to watch America fall in love with you as the nation's first lady" SOB!

Waiting for Part 2 of his speech. (The ones I found on the net were not so clear-- will post it up soon once I get it).

Hey Mr President...CONGRATS BARACK OBAMA! Let's dance now shall we?

For Malaysians, please register yourself as a voter if you haven't done so already. Exercise your rights.



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