Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daphne needs help to help adorable, sweet Charbel

Daphne Iking Hands Up for Children

2 years old Charbel losts his father and is now living with his mother and 2 other siblings in Bent Jbeil, Lebanon.
Bent Jbeil, a town where Charbel and his family live is located approximately 122km from Beirut, Lebanon. It is in the front-lines of many Lebanese-Israeli conflicts, resulting in damaged homes & economies, massive displacements, psychosocial trauma and a high death toll. Hence, the town still undergoes a struggling economy with a high poverty rate of 70%.

As the public health care centres there lack medical equipment and specialized doctors, Charbel and his other friends have no access to basic health care services. Not only so, the violence against children increased after the 2006 war due to the tension and depression faced by parents.

Together with World Vision Malaysia, I am raising fund to sponsor Charbel and other children living in her community for 5 years. I hope you will lend your support and together we can Hands Up for Children to ensure they are healthy and educated, able to establish wholesome relationships and are participative, and most importantly, are cared for and protected.

Your contribution will help Charbel and other children living in Bent Jbeil receive better healthcare protection. Children and the families will also be educated on topics that raise their awareness on health issues. Whereas child protection initiatives will be implemented to make sure the children are protected from physical violence as well as verbal and emotional abuse.

For enquiries, please visit World Vision Malaysia’s website, call the hotline 03-7880 6414 or email us at

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