Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We often talk about children being our future. But for children to be our future, they first must have hope for the future.

Do you know that, each day, thousands of children are traumatised by on-going man-induced conflicts in their countries? They live in desperate situations, in constant danger and are exposed to unmentionable violence?

World Vision’s Hands Up for Children Campaign seeks to give children hope for the future; to give them the right to be children – right to be cared for, to play, to be educated, to grow up safely. 

Why are we doing this? Because children need our voice TODAY if they are to be our FUTURE

Thirteen (13) Malaysian personalities have joined us in our call to Hands Up for Children. They are seeking to give a hand up to children in Lebanon, many of whom are living in challenging situations brought about by civil wars and conflicts.

You can join them by donating to this campaign. Funds will be used to sponsor 13 children from the Bent Jbeil Area Development Programme for five years! Your contributions will help the Bent Jbeil community to build a future for their children and themselves. Your money will be transformed into tangible assets such as better healthcare facilities, schools, reading materials, counselling and support groups for children and their families.

Join -Francissca Peter, Daphne Iking, Daniel Lee, Yise Loo, Linora Low, Athena Beh, Ming, Tedd Chan, Danny One, Wei, Yen, Catherine and Sylvia, to give voice to children today – for the sake of our tomorrow!

For further information, please call World Vision Malaysia at 03-7880 6414 or email us

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