Saturday, November 17, 2012

Daphne HANDS UP for the Children

Last year, I was part of the Paper Doll Project by eclipse last year. Praise the heavens above, we managed to collect RM119,000.00! Check out for more info on this.

This year, I have decided to pledge my support in an online fund-raiser in conjunction with World Vision’s new campaign for the child sponsorship program- ‘Hands Up for Children’. It basically is a platform and cause to give a hands up for 30 Lebanese children together with another 29 local celebrities or so.

This special supplementary initiative will be carried out through a social portal called World Vision Malaysia aims to raise RM144,000 in 1 month to sponsor 30 Lebanese children at RM80 per month for 5 years. It will be RM4,800 for a child for 5 years.

As much as I wish I could, I can’t do it on my own. Hence, the need to garner support from my all of you reading this – if financial support is a problem, do help spread the word on my mission.

The sponsored child profile and progressive reports will be sent to me, and I will keep posting updates with regards to the progress. I hope someday, I get to meet my child too. Godwilling.

If you have any queries about this campaign, you can speak to WorldVision Malaysia directly. I will post "our" child's profile in my next post.

Love and prayers,
Daphne Iking

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