Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tepuk dahi

A few days back, a guideline apparently endorsed by The Ministry of Education, on how to spot gay and lesbian schoolchildren, has been met with outrage and ridicule from netizens nationwide (probably an amused grunt by international press too).

The Star reported yesterday that the Education Ministry has denied endorsing this guideline.

As mentioned in The Star, this is what it says: "In a three-paragraphe statement posted on its (The MOE) official Facebook page on Saturday, it said the ministry had never endorsed such guidelines to be published and circulated in schools by any party".

Whatever or whoever is telling the truth, I just find this whole thing rather amusing. Stupid, but amusing.

My husband might be gay if we go by these 'guidelines'. He has a buff body, wears V-neck tees and carries his man-bag where ever he goes.

And I must be a lesbian since I enjoy the company of other women, eat and sleep/lie on the bed with them.

It's not just me who finds this rather comical, but my friends from Popteevee.

Shake head. Tepuk Dahi.

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  1. Come on Daphne. There are so many lies out there about politics. You should be far better than other people in knowing which rumours are true and which ones that are not. I believe you have been trained (because of your profession) to be critical in your thinking, no?. This guideline clearly is a lie and it is not from the MOE. Dont tell me that you believe in the story at all. If you do, then clearly you are a hard core follower of opposition party, and critical thinking is no longer relevant.