Wednesday, September 19, 2012

El Chancho Nursing Poncho

El Chancho
Nursing Poncho
Eleanor by Daphne Iking
Dear Mummy,

El Chancho, was inspired while breastfeeding my second daughter, Iman Daniella. I could not find a nursing poncho that I was 100% happy with, so I came up with my own design.

The stiff-curved neckline creates a ‘viewing window’ which allows me to peek through so I can keep a tab on my lil’ one discreetly. It allows ventilation so baby is kept cool while she feeds.

This nursing cover has adjustable neck straps and an inner pocket to keep wet wipes, pads and/or pacifiers, which folds in nicely into a pouch that slips in neatly into any bag.

El Chancho comes in 6 colours : Bashful Extrovert, Exploding Factor, Wild Jane, The Misconstrued Saint, The Forlorn Princess and Fun Under the Sun.

Get to know each member of El Chancho and the instructions on folding her via this blog.

Sewn with love,                                                                                                                                               


Eleanor by Daphne Iking
6 El Chancho's to choose from!

Everyone has secrets. Dark and hidden. How mysterious. Bashful Lola loves her  red-eye cat. It's the sparkle to her eyes. Just like you. =)

50% of women claim to prefer chocolate to sex. Another study suggests eating dark chocolate was more rewarding than passionate kissing. Maybe I didn't have much chocolate back then, that's why now, I have you. What a bliss.

Sandy loves the beach and who wouldn't? The sound of the ocean soothes any restless soul. I dreamt of you after walking along the soft and pristine sandy beach. 9 months later, my dream came true.

I met a bunch of gypsies  while looking for pansies as a centerpiece. The Princess of the lot showed me how to build a fairy house and I invited them over for tea. One day, when you're old enough, I'll show you how to build a play castle. Just you and me.

Daisy is always trying to help others in need, but has an unfortunate habit of landing herself (and her friends) into trouble. Comfortable in her soft, denim shorts, Daisy may seem naive, but she ain't a bimbo. I'm glad I had Daisy holding my hand, when you came into my world.

The Ape man loves Jane for  a reason. Beautiful, intelligent and strong - there's also a wild side to Jane that brings out the animal in him. You're our strong, little Korak. x

I had to take this shot at the KLCC park - waiting for someone to stop me from breastfeeding in public. Noone did. Thank God.


  1. duii xda kpanasan ka baby if kna cover like this?and can they even breath in these?

  2. Hi.. does it comes with the peek-a-boo window ka?