Saturday, August 11, 2012

Isobel's adventures with Buddy & Vernon Part 2

Since I was in editing mode, I decided to complete the short vlog of Isobel's commentary on her Mung Bean project with Buddy & Vernon.

Here's the step by step pictures:

(All you need is a plastic container, cotton wool, A handful of mung beans (which you will receive with the book) and a bit of water.

Adventure # 4: FUN WITH PLANTS

The Mung Beans comes with the book!
Fill the bottom of the container with Cotton wool. Best the ones that comes in rolls. But pads can work too.

Lay some mung beans on the cotton wool

Scatter them nicely

Add water to the cotton to make it damp. Not too much though! Or you might drown the beans.

Almost done!

A kiss for goodluck! Place the container in direct sunlight. Now, watch them grow!
(According to the book, Bel needs to water the plants everyday so they grow big and tall. Not too much though!)

We will record the growth of the plants and keep you posted over the next 2 weeks.

Fun-filled activities for kids: BUDDY & VERNON's ADVENTURES VOLUME 1.

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