Friday, August 3, 2012

Iftar with the Borneon fashionistas

Last week, I had to endure a mouthwatering recording for a Raya shoot  during the first day of Ramadan. Suffice to say, it was a challenge -- food galore -- and the toughest (where the tummy was growling so loud) was when I was introducing the Laksa Sarawak.


Now, I ALWAYS have my Laksa Sarawak at Betty's place, so since she is doing her Umrah with her siblings (Alhamdulillah), I went snooping around to see whoelse makes authentic Laksa Sarawak -- and jeng3! Before I knew it, we were at Eaton, KL -- shamelessly invited ourselves to DT's pad-cum-boutique and tralalalala.... here are some shots taken from their (IntanToffee and the Abang Saufi's) respective instagram/tweet pix to commemorate the night where buka puasa ended up being a whole night affair sampai sahur!

Dato' Rezza popped by and boy! What an interesting ceramah on Islam, Religion and Being a Muslim. Learnt so much that night, was stuffed to the brim (we ended the 'night' with homecooked Oxtail soup that Tom whipped up last minute)

From scrumptious desserts, to authentic Laksa Sarawak followed by piping hot Oxtail soup with Garlic bread -- it was an impromptu night of good food, wonderful company and lots of lessons learnt. 


Meor, Joe having a discussion prior to Maghrib. Sarawak laksa being walloped. Had two servings. Notty.

Tom passed me her ipad to check out the designs during the IFF London held a few months back.

Before Iftar. Maggie, Daph, Dato Tom and Iman 

Maggie and I. Always loved her sense of style. So quirky cun. I'm donning a dress by PRETTYCHASE.COM. 

Soon joined us -- I think I was planning my 3rd round of laksa after seeing Soon politely eating his.

That's Dato Tom as Jelita covergirl back in the 70s(?)  Stunning. She shy. She hide. You should see some other pictures of her when she was a teen. Ooohlalala. (Thank you Habsah for taking them back from Kuching. Teehee)

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