Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've arrived

Dear all,

After giving mum about 38 weeks of bitter sweet hell, I have finally made my debut!
I have puffy (chinese) eyes and fat (red) lips. Weighing close to 3kgs, I was born in the wee hours of the morning on the 26th November.

Mum is in slight pain right now - but she still smiles at me when I latch hungrily on her mammary glands. Dad went home to rest. I'm just enjoying the attention from everyone here in the hospital...I've got a few presents and beautiful flowers too from friends and family of mum and dad - I heard mum complaining "why does she get all the cool stuff..how about the mummy?" Saw my nenek giving a light slap on mum's shoulder after that.

I've been told that I look more like my father- but I have mummy's lips. I've also heard them saying that "I'm such a good daughter" cause I hardly cry. In truth, I am just too sleepy.

After hearing everyone say I'm such a good child, I cried twice last night - just to test the water. Mum was obviously not impressed and dad looked frantic. Mum said she'll let me sleep with her just this time. Next time, she's going to let me cry all night alone. I better not do that again.

I hear mum groaning about her heavy chest. . . something is engorged. It sounds like a bad monster and apparently, only I can make the monster go away.

I'm being picked up now. Feeling quite hungry after poo-ing twice today.

Just to let you know that I have arrived, mum is smiling and dad is a happy camper.

More from us soon,


Daniella Isobel Iking-Chong


  1. Oh congratulations! Welcome to the world, Isobel :)

    PS: You don't know me; I've been following your blog for some time now. Am also a childhood friend of Wan Chern :)

  2. OH! Welcome welcome! We've been waiting with such anticipation for you to join us. And please, give your lovely mummy an extra tug on the mammary glands for a congratulations!

  3. congratulations on your new born baby girl.. and her name is just so beautiful.. I've been reading your blog for quite sometime.. anyway, a big welcome to Daniella Isobel Iking-Chong.. =)

  4. congratulations!! hurray..Isobel has arrived to meet mama and dada..
    As for mama, enjoy your self with your new job with the greatest satisfaction on earth!! :)hehe

  5. Congrats Daphne!

    Welcome Isobel!, we share the same birth day laaa

  6. Congratulations!! Welcome to the world, Isobel! =)

  7. Congrats Daphne and Ryan! Welcome Isobel! You are a lucky baby having a famous mum and a businessman dad. You will be showered with love and of course pampering. How nice!

  8. Congrats Daphne n Hubby!

    Welcome to the world,Isobel..

  9. Oh dear, you are So cute!
    Congrats Daph+Ryan!
    Finally, one happy family at home...
    Daph, do kiss Isobel for untie fifi n uncle adli ;) muaxx!

  10. Hi Daphne,


    Been following your blog for some time and glad to hear that both mummy + baby is both healthy.


  11. Congrats Daph & Ryan

    Welcome baby Isobel...

    May God Bless your family...

    Take good rest...

  12. Hey Daphne,

    Congratulations!! So happy for you and your family. Take care.

  13. Hey Daphne,


    Isobel welcome to real world..

    no pic???

  14. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to you Daphne & baby Isobel..

    its sooo.. adorable and cute. do keep us update wif all the baby Isobel cutie-mutie photos.. :)

    I've been a loyal reader to your blog for quite sumtimes now dear.. Seasons of jolly is coming wif you celebrate it wif your new addition in the family.. *hug+kiss to your baby Isobel* Happy Merry Christmas to you and family (in advance.. yea.. i know) *grin* we all hepy to share your joy.

    Have a blessed day. may you will have abundantly love and blessings overflow in the fountain of your JOY!! Jesus loves you. Take care dear.

  15. Hello baby Isobel & mommy Daph

    CONGRATULATIONS to Daph & Ryan.

    i m happy for you all. may God bless you. Be a good girl ya & i know you will....

    i'd like to see her picture soo much.. so cld u pls post some for us to see?

  16. CONGRATS babe....
    I'm sure she's a gorgeous tiny bundle... :)

  17. For Daphne & Hubby,

    Take care of baby & mumy too...

    For baby Isobel,
    Welcome to the world.

  18. congratulations! take care. im sure baby isobel is one pretty babe just like her parents. =)

  19. welcome to the world daniella and congrats to daph~!.. take care ;)

  20. Congratulations Daphne & hubby!
    Am sure little Isobel is as lovely as her mummy..I have been following your blog for a while, esp after finding out that you were pregnant and only 2 weeks apart from me (I am in my 37th week now)..I am also expecting a baby girl which coincidentally will be called Isabel too (but different spelling) :)We have always liked the names Rayyan (if it's a boy) and Isabel for a girl..was a nice coincident that you and I love the same name:)

    All the best in starting out motherhood..it is my first too and am getting quite nervous. Take care of yourself during the confinement dear.

  21. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
    Cant wait to see Isobel!

  22. congrats! speedy recovery to mommy!

  23. may your insecurities burnt asunder with this child.congratulation from the depth of my heart

  24. Congratulations! sure the baby will be a fun one lah! very much so like u.
    ikut org tua2 melayu, they say the baby will behave just as the mummy have during pregnancy. nanti u tgk la if isobel is lk u suring ur pregnancy.
    congratulations again!

  25. welcome to the world little one!! great job mommy! :)

  26. Aww, Isobel's here! Congrats to you and family, Daphne. Thanks for sharing your journey thru pregnancy. Entertaining and enlightening read. :)

  27. CONGRATS!!!!

    Cant wait to see pictures of her :)

  28. AH AH AH....you made it. congratulations =]. i really really am smiling,and i even told my friends that this blog i'm reading,the author is giving birth like soon.i'm so excited. now its joyful. congrats to you and your husband.

  29. Welcome to the world little one! I love your name! It's so beautiful..

    Congrats to you and your husband, Daphne! :D

  30. Perfect timing, Isobel, just in time for Xmas and all those pressies!

    Happy first time parents, Daphne & Ryan.

  31. Congratulations to the new mommy & daddy!
    Glad to know mommy and baby are doing fine.

  32. bah..congrates..when is isobel gonna tell how she came out??

  33. congrats to both of u, daph and ryan...cant wait to see the cutie!

  34. Hye Mummy,


    Can't hardly wait to see Daniella Isobel Iking-Chong.
    Get well soon and enjoy the motherhood moment.
    Still hoping mine..

    *hugs and kissess for Isobel*

  35. Congratulation...such a beautiful name...

  36. Hi Pon,

    Congatulation to you + hubby and big hug to u...we know u can do it!

    A'way, say hi to ur little girl, Isobel. Cant wait to see her pict.

    U take care ok... See ya then!

  37. Big congratulation! welcome Daniella Isobel...
    eager waiting for her pic.. :)

  38. Congratulations!

    Welcome to the world, Daniella.

    Her name sounds so sweet! :)

  39. Happy birth day Isobel!

    Congrats Daphne!

  40. congrats! hey maybe your baby would like this : www.rockandrollin.blogspot.com :)

  41. Hi!..congrats to lovely mommy and daddy

    and Daniella Isobel...

  42. hey daph!

    congrats to you and ryan!!


  43. hey!! Welcome ISobel!! it's a beautiful name! Happy-being-a-mother to you too Daphne!
    erm..i'm only a reader. so.. haha. ^^ happy for you!

  44. Congrats mummy and baby! Baby, be a good baby and make mummy happy, ok? Mummy, rest well, take care of health and can't wait to see you out and about again!

    Your silent reader,

  45. congratulatiioooonssssssss ! i'm glad to know mommy & baby are well :o) have a good rest!

  46. Welcome to the world of wonders.....

  47. Daphne & Ryan,

    Congrats to you both and welcome to the world of parents! Praise the Lord both mum and baby Isobel are well.


    Welcome to the world. Everyone has been waiting for your coming...and will be watching you grow everyday....can't wait to see your photos too. May the Lord shower you with lots of blessings and good things in life.

  48. Congrats on Isobel's birth.. it's the best gift from God rite? It's motherhood now and may God shower his love and blessings to you, Mama Daphne, Isobel's Papa and baby Isobel.. :)

    an ordinary fan

  49. Congrats...

    Happy to hear both mummy and baby r ok.. Not forgetting the daddy.. :-)

    Cant wait to see Isobel's pic...

  50. Congrats Daphne!! Welcome to motherhood! Xmas celebration will be exttra nice this year for your family!

  51. Congrats Daphne!! Welcome to motherhood! Xmas celebration will be exttra nice this year for your family!

  52. congratulations! =)

    from the team at Cziplee@Bangsar

    ps: come back soon. we miss u already!

  53. Congratulations! Welcome to the world of Mommyhood! It is certainly filled with thrills and exhilaration......


  54. congratulation and welcome Isobel.
    Daphne...do take care...('',)

  55. Hi tell u wat Isobel share the same birthday wif my girl n tat day is my wedding anniversary too!! :D