Saturday, August 11, 2012

Buddy & Vernon takes Isobel (and me) into an adventure

I've noticed that Isobel is getting a wee bit too attached to her ipad and telly. So, when I got this activity book, Isobel (and ok ok too!) couldn't wait to start the adventure together! Needed to find an afternoon that we were both free...and TODAY was the day! Yay.

Each activity is tailored into an adventure -- from "gardening", "cooking", "inventing" and even a bit of walking down memory lane, trying to draw our family tree (which is really complicated in the Iking-Azmi clan!)

The teachers told me that Isobel has a teeny bit of AHDD in her, so I hope this activity book (Volume 1) teaches Bel in seeing projects completed from start to finish. I like that there are empty 'spaces' for Isobel and I to stick pictures of our projects on to. A brilliant masterpiece keepstake that I MUST treasure,  so when Isobel grows up and starts being a tween, and gets all prissy with me, I have this to jog her memory about how cool a mum I am. Teehee.

Recommended for children from 5 to 8. Isobel's just 4, but we found that most of the activities can be done with minimum help from her father or I.

PERFECT way to bond and spend quali time together.

Here's a short vlog of one of our activities  done this afternoon:

Here's the professional video done by the creators of Buddy and Vernon Adventures.

You can purchase the book online at or from any MPH outlet nationwide.

They are also on FB: and

For more details:

Logon on to or ring the folks at +603 2241 9552 or +603 2241 9553

Watch out for this space -- I hear the risio team are launching the book soon -- and I get to invite some friends over AND have 3 books to be given away! Details to follow ...

Will be posting another blog on our "mung beans" adventure soon. Night sweethearts!


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