Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We need to make Joseph Kony famous. Not to celebrate his horrible crimes, but to create awareness about the criminal acts he has done to innocent children. From abduction, murder, rape to turning these innocent kids into sex slaves and child soldiers -- even asking them to kill their own family members.

Children as young as my Isobel was taken away from him. And made to do horrible things including mutiliating faces of their own flesh and blood.

This is the Kony 2012 documentary to fully understand  more about what the world can do collectively to help.

This was an exclusive interview bravely conducted by the same man who started this. Kony denies all allegations. But watch and see for yourself.

For more than 20 years, Joseph Kony was committing horrible acts of crime and nobody knew - THEN. We need to respond to the problems of our children. Our friends. We need to stop people like Joseph Kony. Watch this and spread the awareness.

Angelina agrees with me and the others fighting for this cause.


Daphne Iking

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