Friday, May 11, 2012

Iking by DoubleWoot

I find shopping online addictive. However, it is a fun way of discovering new things - without having to actually GO anywhere. And with so many online boutiques to choose from, both local and international, the options are endless. My recent find is at I double woot them cause they're a team of young locals -- and the dresses are not just gorgeous, but pretty affordable too. The BEST part of shopping online is waiting for the parcel to arrive...cause when they finally feels like a celebration of some sort! Tee hee. 
Shop away friends, but becareful of scams k? 
( can be trusted) 

Oh plus, you get an instant RM5 if you enter this code: DoublewootIkingMayPromo
Promo valids throughout the month of May 2012

Thank you doublewoot! The IKING dress. Sweet. Lovin' it!

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  1. You're stunning as always and Doublewoot has some of the most amazing collection. Kindly check out as well. We're new but we aim to deliver the best we can :0