Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy birthday my Taurean

It's my husband's 43rd birthday celebration today. And unlike the other 2 years, this year will be spent on a less crazier celebration. =) His 'party' began yesterday as it has been awhile since we had some private time alone together, non-work oriented. (Although we did end up going to a client's office to collect some footage for edit at the very last minute).

It was quality time - laughing and appreciating the blessings despite that pebble in our shoe. Ended the night with a nice movie (thank you Platinum Suites and Palmers!). After the movie, we missed the girls so much, (you would too if you watch "What to Expect When You're Expecting") we ended up sleeping together (again) on our bed.

Sorry papa. =)

Today, I let him sleep in while I decided what cake to bake for his birthday.

Isobel says we should  make carrot cake. Reason being, one , we have all the ingredients at home already and two, since mummy has decided on her strict exercise and diet regime to start today, it's the healthiest option.

Off to weigh the ingredients. Shall be back in a bit.

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