Saturday, April 28, 2012

Earth Angel

Isobel and Iman wearing identical dresses for our Faces Magazine shoot.
The Iking-Azmi girls were invited to do a Mother's Day photoshoot for a local magazine recently. Suffice to say, it was NOT easy.Either Isobel was smiling too 'pose like' (she learnt it from watching too much Barbie), or Iman wanted mummy's boobie. =(

I had to scold Isobel when she wanted to jump up and down the couch instead.
But we had to get the shot. So we tried, and tried...

and tried again. Finally, I think we got the shot. Will post it once it's published.
Isobel and Iman. The loves of my life. Don't get me wrong, but at days I do feel so cross with myself for being so cross at them. Especially busy days and when I feel I've neglected  my role as a mother and wife. Does this make sense?

Being a mother. Who said it's going to be easy? 

My mum made 'being a parent' seem so effortless. How did she do it? Beats me. Having gone through her own personal  challenges whilst looking after the four of us and losing one child; yet still being so positive, kind, patient and full of life! I inspire to be just like her; although I'm nowhere NEAR her parenting skills and kindred soul. God bless mothers like mummy.

Mum and Dad holding Iman on our Christmas holiday last year. Married for  37 years.

Although mother's/father's/friendship/valentine's day should be a daily reminder of gratefulness and appreciation, my sister Michelle-Ann and I are still suckers for the commercialized 'celebration' of THE day.

So while we were scouting out what to get mum for Mother's Day this year (the internet is a wealth of goodies I tell  you!), I came across this floral online shop I have ordered flowers online previously and to be quite honest, I've never heard of them. So being the kiasu shopper that I am, I decided to surf their website and got around getting in touch with the owner. I must say, I'm pretty upset I didn't know about them prior to this! They have such beautiful and unique arrangements (unlike some florists who have that typical 'ah soh' type of flower arrangements). I mean, check this one out:

Spectacular! So deliciously sexy. I've got some inspiration now for my Aphrodite outfit for this new show I'm involved with in June. 
This is one of their stores located at C13 Intermark Mall, Kuala Lumpur. They have 2 more. One at Ikano Power Centre (Mutiara Damansara) and the other at the Empire Shopping Gallery Mall (Subang Jaya).

Browsing inside their store, you get this feeling  you are in a home decor boutique cum florist. Very warm and cosy!

I couldn't help but be enthralled with their quirky frames and oddbits sold/displayed at their store too.

Apparently, home decor is in Bloom2u's blood too! They claim to be the only florist in the world that has extensive choices of products for home decorations. Hmmm.... my home is still bare and in dire need of some cosy items. I love having photos around the house! It's a sure bet to keep a home filled with bitter sweet memories. Saw this frame. Reminded me of myself since I'm such a tweet freak! Comel tak?

Pinkish tinged tweet bird frame for yours truly?

Okay, so like I said, being the non-stop chatterbox that I am - John  and I got talking and ta-dahhh.... guess what?
See the two GORGEOUS flower cakes below? Bloom2u and I would like to give away either one to my loyal readers with the BEST Mother's Day message sent HERE.

In the meantime, John and I need to discuss a little special flower arrangement for both mummy AND hubs who's birthday is coming up soon. *heart*


Remember to post your messages HERE to win your mother a flower cake like the above.

Hmmm....maybe I'll bake a cake that is shaped similar to Bloom2u's flower cake. Choices, choices.

Gotta go. Iman Daniella  needs her nenen. =)

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