Monday, March 26, 2012

Formula 1 Sepang 2012

Hello folks! A quick fluff piece on my blog to share some pictures taken during the F1 race in Sepang yesterday. Was pretty excited because McLaren were on 1,2 position. Plus, even though I was never a Ferrari fan, when Schumi decided to come back to Formula 1, I felt the cringe when he failed to make an awesome comeback some diehard fans were expecting.
So yes. Was pretty excited that Schumi was on third position during the Qualifying, and was hoping for some great action at the track. Especially with gloomy skies looming.

Baby and I taking a breather 1/2 hour before the race. Thank God we had a heavy lunch at home. The food stalls were crummy. =( Plus I couldn't take my own water bottle inside. (2 reasons why I chose to bring my own bottle: 1) for the environment and 2) I refuse to pay RM5 for water.

I have to thank Azli for the tix again this year. He was such a sweetheart. Getting us girls (Zara and I) our raincoats and food when the rain started getting bad).
Terima kasih Abang!

And we're off!
My two Racing headphones were damaged because I left the batteries inside. So baby bought me a new set. Yay!
Felt like a mini commentator on twitter as I was watching the race from K1. The best view I must say.
Been to the paddock and grandstand at Topaz. K1 still the best.

After lap 9, the race had to be suspended to the heavy rain. We were seated at Block B, second row. So we got drenched! Thank God I didn't wear my white linen pants. At that point, Joanne de Rozario and I were on a twitter and BBM frenzy. (She was hosting the Formula 1 for Petronas and ntv7 at Media Prima Studios). Hard to know who the rain would suit most, but I felt Schumi would be pretty confident given his strong track record in the wet.

Race director Charlie Whitling is reported looking at the sky. He's the man that has to decide whether there is a delay in the start or go out behind the safety car.
Some say the race was going to start in 25minutes. Others thought it would be another 2009 incident. I didn't care. I was getting drenched and loved the feeling of rain on my face and arms. So liberating.
I was so glad I had my Simon King bag with me. Waterproof, so all my gadgets and gizmos (and my McLaren race car 2011) were kept dry.

The crowd at K1 decided to be creative to kill time and boredom.
A mexican wave was made. And we joined in happily.
Strangers, yet united for the love of the sport and sheer goodwill.

I don't comprehend why there is so much hatred and bitterness in this world. Just love with all your heart. Unconditionally. Forgive. Repent and move on.

Finally, after an amazing race (Sergio Perez from Sauber put the "pros" to shame with his aggressive racing and he drove fantastically!), we decided to pack up and leave.

Alonso takes the lead followed very closely (and bravely) by Sauber's Sergio Perez, and Hammie takes on third place. A bit disappointed with my team's performance, but hey! That's sports for you.
It's been awhile since we've heard the Italian anthem. Brought back memories.

Perez. Will he be donning the red suit soon?

Thanks Azmi and Azli for a wonderful Sunday.

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