Sunday, February 5, 2012

Salam Malidur Rasul

Yesterday, I went to Batu Caves for a film shoot. It was four days away from Thaipusam, but already the place was filling up with made shift stores, vendors on the roadside selling cold drinks and of course, families and individuals paying respects to their Lord and some performing the kavadis.

Even though I have been to Thaipusam celebrations in Batu Caves a few times now, coming back again has not bored me and I find myself newly enthralled and mesmerized by the sounds, sights and smells of the occasion. So I tweeted this and on the same line, I wrote "Bimillahhirahmannirahim" as I prepared for shoot.

After the film shoot was done, Azmi and I continued soaking up the atmosphere and appreciating the photogenic view of colours from the 272 steps above. That was when I started reading my replies on the tweet that I had posted earlier.

One of them was this.

"Daph. Tak baik cakap "Bismillahhirahmannirahim" and go Batu Caves to celebrate Thaipusam. Berdosa."

Some things CLEARLY WRONG here.

1) I was not there to celebrate Thaipusam. I was at Batu Caves on shoot. So firstly, the person should have not jumped the gun and read ALL my tweets prior to posting his reply.

2) Had I gone to Batu Caves not for shoot, but to just soak up the atmosphere, does this mean I am participating in Thaipusam? Religiously participating? Does taking pictures and just being there deter my faith? No right? In fact, I celebrated Christmas with my Catholic family last year. We exchanged gifts and I wished them Merry Christmas. They went for mass, we solat at our Perth house. My faith in Allah has not been shaken just because I am with my family during Christmas.

3) Bismillahhirahmannirahim = "In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate".

I try and utter these beautiful words prior to doing anything. Even as simple as stepping out from the house or signing a cheque.

"Regardless of how one may choose write the English transliteration of the original Arabic, it is neither the writing of the words nor their pronunciation which is crucial, but rather we shall each be rewarded according to what is in our heart and how we act in the world.

Those who say these words with thoughts of self-aggrandizement, or selfish gains, or self-centered vain profit in any manner, will receive their just reward... suffering, pain and confusion. Likewise, those who truly dedicate every step of their life to the glory and service of the Ever-present One shall also receive their just reward... peace, love and beauty.

This phrase is truly an ideal to be expressed from the heart, an ideal to be expressed with the utmost sincerity, an ideal which leads us toward sacred purpose, the purpose for which we have been given life."

(Meaning of Bismillah:

I uttered Bismillah because shoot was going to commence.

I guess my Ustazah is right. There is just so much more to learn from the RIGHT people. Islam is easy, cause it follows our FITRAH.

Bismillahhirahmannirahim. May Allah give me the wisdom, clarity and patience to learn more and give more with love, kindness and compassion ALL the time.

Salam Malidur Rasul folks!


  1. bismillah,
    hope we all be better muslimah day to day...
    amin :))

  2. i am afraid that they don't know that u are muslimah now...
    and maybe they are just stopby at ur tweet, and suddenly they saw ur 'bismillah'....

    blogwalking here...
    nice knowing ur life daph....