Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Of weddings, friends and Erykah Badu

Here is the only shot I managed to take at Lisa and Yusry's wedding. Yes. We forgot to take our cameras with us, hence this BB picture taken by Suraya during L&Y's wedding reception held recently at PICC.

Sazzy, Aishah, Dynas are amongst the very few friends who have remained loyal to me amidst the ups and downs of my turbulent years. THANK YOU ladies!
(Hani and Atilia could not make it for the wedding =( )

We were amongst 2000 or so guests invited for the beautiful reception of the lovebirds -- I am so happy for Yusry. He deserves someone beautiful and kind to complement his wonderful personality -- and he chose the perfect candidate to be his wife.

Alhamdulillah. =)

The bride and groom were gorgeous, food delicious, entertainment was o-kay (loved Jac though) -- and of course, I was seated with my besties in the industry, so it was a nice catch up session.

But with every pro, there is a con.

Someone came up and asked me, "why are you still friends with someone who made up the nastiest rumor about you?I heard she didn't even apologize for going to the press about you."

My answer was simple.

"Why remain angry and bitter? It's such a negative emotion. Maybe her wanting to talk to me is her way to say sorry? And honestly, who am I to judge? I am merely a flawed servant of God myself."

Which brings me to my next topic. Erykah Badu.

I am sure by the time you read this post, you will know that her concert (of blog time), has been axed "following a public outcry over the publication of her picture with the word "Allah" on her upper body in an English daily, The Star"

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms Badu the afternoon before the announcement -- and from what I saw upclose and personal, she had NO tattoo.

Someone from the press asked her about the controversial tattoo. It was for a movie. (** Edit 29/02 904pm :it was for her album cover. Her intentions was not to insult Islam, but to show oneness in all religion. We are one. Read her explaination via her tweets @fatbellybella. Maybe will attend the private party for her later to show my support for her music.)

When I went twittercrazy explaining this upon hearing the news, there were one or two naysayers saying that I was not entitled to give my opinion as I am not "muslim" enough and "don't know anything about Islam". Basically, they asked me to shut the eff up. Yes. A muslim telling a muslim that I should not comment as I am "not Muslim enough", so I should "shut the eff up". Nice. Great example you are showing... Cussing at me like that.

Anyhoo, again ... as I had mentioned on my Timeline; here are my thoughts on this.

1) When I interviewed her, I did not see any signs of a tattoo. (she pulled up her off shoulder smock for the shoot, but nope; no tattoo.

Picture of Erykah Badu and I taken on the 27th Feb at Mandarin Oriental KL. Interviewed her for Bella, Ntv7.

The controversial picture that was shown in The Star . This caused the big hoohah.

And it was done for a movie( it was her album cover), as mentioned by Ms Badu herself.

Did you know that she is not just a singer songwriter, composer, midwife (YES. She is a trained midwife), but an ACTRESS too?

Most of the time, when taking a role, we have to adhere to the look and feel of the character played as per the directions of the producer/director. And to dress accordingly too. And if one needs to don bodypaint with inscriptions on it to fit the role, so be it. It's just acting.

But, I shall not press further on this. As I am not "muslim" enough to comment apparently. So.

2. My next point is this. The English daily, The Star mistakenly placed this picture up. They apologised for their oversight. But why punish Erykah? Why should her concert be banned for something she did not purposely bring to herself?

3. The authorities should at least FIND out what's what first before announcing the cancellation. As I had tweeted, if I believed half of what was being said about you, then the rakyat should ban you from being a Minister.


Good luck Kylie coming here.


I shall be posting my interview with Badu on 2REDchairs soon. Joe Lebosi tengah edit.

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  1. Wow! People (read as Malaysian) love to judge and take everything they read over the internet as true, the didnt even dig the truth and research bout that. I feel sorry for Erykah, I hope she'll not hate ALL malaysian because of this issue. And those saying that you cannot comment just because you're not muslim enough are completely rude! in Islam, no one can judge whether this/that person is muslim enough, it's all up to Allah, and Allah judge us by the heart and the good deeds we all do, although following Islam way of life is one of them but as long as we do good, we'll be good. He has His own way to give credit to us, not those fellow 'Muslim-enough' people. LOL! Daphne, ignore them, just live your life fully, be happy. :)