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I don't normally blog forwarded email(s), but I thought this was pretty important to share. Just.In.Case.

Here you go!

This is so scary!! Just take note!!

Subject: Fwd: FW: Fw: 3 a.m. Immigration Raid

and remember to videotape the incident with your cellphone/videocam for

If this happens to you, don't keep quiet. Make sure such incidents is
publicised. The MSM may not report it. Write to Margeemar

We have heard of the high handedness in which the BN/Umno controlled Police,
Customs and Immigration carry out their duties. We all know what happened to
individuals like Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Ahmad Sarbani, Amirul Rashid and a
host of other unfortunate souls whose lives came to an abrupt end when they
came up against these BN/Umno controlled government agencies. On January 29,
2012, Derek Tan and his pregnant wife probably had Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan,
Ahmad Sarbani, Amirul Rashid in their thoughts when the Malaysian
Immigration officers stormed into their home in a manner in which thugs or
loan sharks would do. We, the Rakyat (People) must make a stand against
these mongrels and their Masters, BN/Umno. Let no one turn this into a
racial issue just because the culprits are from a certain race. What's
important is that the rights of a Patriotic Malaysian Citizen was threatened
by an element of the BN/Umno Regime.

Below is the email exchange between the victim, Derek Tan and Mohd Zamberi
Bin Abdul Aziz, the director of the Enforcement Division,Immigration
Department, Malaysia.

Email 1: Derek Tan to Mohd Zamberi

Dear Leaders of Immigration Malaysia

Just earlier this morning at 3.00am, Sunday, 29 January 2012, a team of
"officers" from the Malaysian Immigration conducted a raid on my residence
at Venice Hill Condominium, Cheras. Shouting to open my door and using
abusive terms such as "Bodoh", accusations of "maksiat", and using violence
for at least 15 minutes on my front door.

I simply refused to open the door and insisted on only opening upon arrival
of the police which I immediately made a report after your visit. Which
common person would open the door to unknown strangers at 3 in the morning?
Not only did your team refuse to assist in waiting until the arrival of the
police but they continued to mock, humiliate and attack my family at 3 in
the morning.

My pregnant wife was left in tears and after the police arrived, your staff
continued his thug attitude and had to be restrained by a female staff. Your
staff continued to threaten and make aggressive behaviour to my pregnant
wife, brother and me which was witnessed by your own team and neighbours.

This raid a result of no evidence and no basis is not becoming. Your teams
simply refusal to wait for the police to arrive after threatening with
violence and harsh words for over 15 minutes at unacceptable hours in the
morning is unacceptable and a shame to Malaysian law enforcement.

Trust that I will do what it takes to bring this news to as many as possible
and that you and your team that have failed in the first place of allowing
such "illegal" immigrants to enter into the country and put your nation's
own citizens at such public humiliation and psychological stress and trauma
during a celebration period of Chinese New Year is a disgrace.

Even the police force that arrived had to apologize for your unruly
behaviour. Even at the end they refused to show their ID and left after
taking our details and had to end the raid by continuing to threaten in a
gangster manner. The police has a record of this incident.

Would demand an answer on these

1. What were your team doing conducting a raid in the wee hours of the
morning based on an "anonymous tip"?

2. How could your team begin a raid based on a tip with such rude and harsh
attitude unbecoming of any uniformed force?

3. How could you train your raiding team to use terms such as "bodoh",
"maksiat", and continuous threats of "senang aje nak kasi pecah pintu ini?",
continuous excessive use of violence at my front door even thought it was
politely requested that we wait for the arrival of the police to resolve the

4. How do you explain using these treatment of citizens on no basis of
evidence? How can you condone gangsterism from your own enforcement team?
How can you believe that unbased violence by your own team is justified even
when a simply request to ask for the presence of police be denied?

5. How would you expect any honest citizen to respond to such violence at
3am on a Saturday morning beginning with threats?

Reply 1: Mohd Zamberi to Derek Tan

Dear Mr Derek Tan Yeong Par,

On behalf of the Immigration Department, please kindly accept our sincere
apologies for the unfortunate experience that happen to you and your family
during our raid at Venice Hill Condominium on 29 January 2012, Sunday at
about 03.00 am.

We also apologize for the unruly behaviour of our officers during the time,
if any. For your information, the raiding was conducted based on complaints
made by residents of the condominium, requesting the Immigration Department
to do checking on foreigners staying there, especially those from African
Continental which the local residents suspected were illegal immigrants..

The raid was done between 2.00 am to 4.00 am because we believed that was
the time the suspected illegal immigrants wiould be at home on weekend.
Measures had been taken to avoid inconvenience to local citizens during the

For that purpose, our officers had visited the place to do surveillance and
gather information from some residents before the raiding. About 100 units
of the residency had been listed as unit rented to / occupied by foreigners
and all had been checked in the raid. Unfortunately,could be by mistake,
yours were in the list.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you and your family because
of this. It was not our intention to create such an awkward and
inconvenience. Onec again, please accept our sincere appologies.

Email 2: Derek Tan to Mohd Zamberi

Dear Encik Zamberi

I do not think you understand the severity of the issue. Your men cracked my
front door and violated several human rights issues.

I believe that I sufficient grounds to take up a civil suit against the
Immigration department of Malaysia. A simply apology is not going to salvage
the situation. I would want to know the names and identity of the personnel
involved and action you plan to take against them. I will continue to pursue
this case until adequate justice is prescribed.

I find your explanation totally unreasonable. Your intelligence gathering is
a total sham. Your team raided the wrong unit. You are making excuses to
cover this up. My family is still traumatized and our rights as citizens
have been abused and you think a simply apology will smooth things over.

You still fail to address:

1) refusal of your personnel to show their IDs

2) violation of our human rights and public degradation and humiliation
including undue stress to my pregnant wife

3) abuse of power by your raid team not to mention unnecessary thuggish
behavior. Your teams demand to open my door because they wanted to go back
and tidur is a mockery to all professional services

4) unreasonableness in waiting for the police to arrive

5) damage to my personal property

6) your cover up story of your raiding team's mistake

7) why in the world was an operation done at 3am and what rights do you have
to demand entry on my property in unruly fashion

Rest assured I will continue to engage the media, pursue this at all
relevant government offices at Putrajaya (already the public complaints
bureau at the Prime Minister's office has acknowledged my complaint) and
will be taking legal action until this issue is resolved. Rest assured your
sad excuse of a letter will be published to the public.

Reply 2: Mohd Zamberi to Derek Tan

Dear Mr Derek Tan,

I do understand your feeling on this. further investigation will be
conducted on your complaints and necessary action will be taken on personnel
involved if they had acted not in accordance with the department Standard
Operating Procedure.

Thank you

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