Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hulurkan bantuan

My husband and I are on different pages when helping others. Being the cynic that he is, he is more anal on who and why he is helping the person who seeks for favors. I, on the other hand find it hard to say no to people who come to me for help. To me, as long as I am able to assist, I will do all that I can to help another person and not expect anything but a thank you. AAR on the other hand, feels some people take advantage of this and gives me the "told you so" stare when I get hurt in the process of helping somebody out.

Having been hurt previously, AAR is wary on helping others; especially if it boils down to lending money. I've lost track on how much money I've lent to folks, only to see it as a permanent donation. AAR has put a stop to this.

"When you are in trouble, do they come and help you?"

My response to that is; " We do good to others. If they abuse the trust or hurt you in the end, then so be it.Let God decide then."

Hubs poo-pahs me and tells me that we should lessen the pain of getting hurt, by avoiding potential situations that can harm us.

He has a point. But I am built this way - reason being, when I was going through shit and back-- there were a few angels whom I am forever grateful to, and I believe in paying forward.

On a lighter note, but relevant to this post - earlier I saw a hot chick donning hot pants with her tampon string hanging out. I was wondering if I should point it out quietly to her-- or just let her string be. I decided on the former. Coming closer to her, I realised that "she" was actually a he, and that it was the string from her undergarments that was coming off.

I didn't know how to react hence this post.

Anyway, have a great Sunday or what's left of it. I'm going to continue helping others because it makes me feel good.

So it's not such a selfless act afterall eh?

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  1. ur hubby should try to listen to prof muhaya's views on life. she's very good n positive on it. just like u! try listening to her in or her fb. u'll know what i mean.