Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Micro vs macro?

A few years back when I started blogging - I would have at least ONE daily entry and I couldn't wait to update my blog with pictures and thoughts that have inspired me on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury of logging on as frequently as before. Initially, I blamed it on lack of time being a mommy and with the crazies of the past. I realise that this is not the MAIN reason. Twitter was the reason.

I signed up as a member of twitter sometime early 2009 but started tweeting madly early 2010. Being so accessible via my smartphones (I prefer tweeting via ubersocial on my Blackberry), it is so much easier to just tweet my random thoughts and pictures this way.

Initially, being a long winded writer, I had trouble tweeting within the 140characters. And I just couldn't see myself "misspelling words" (ie: gr8 = great, u=you, kau=ko/sms spelling), but given time and the sudden wave of tweeting globally, I found it much more satisfying (and easier) microblogging via twitterverse. It is addictive - especially if you have active followers who give you almost instant feedback.

In life, there is always the pros and cons. I've found more good than bad in tweeting. For one, it is like a nifty 'yellow page' when I need to find a place/info of something. Almost immediately, I get replies from friends and strangers telling me where to look or search. Then there is instant updates for sporting events (Arsenal finally scored..yay!) or other events happening around us.

Some have used it as a marketing tool -- I have had lovely
"social media customer service" experience with the likes of @myegclub, @lomographyMY and @blackberryMY -- all very efficient in answering my queries.

But I think the only negative part would be how sometimes our tweets (like our FB/BBM/etc statuses) can be misconstrued if we are not careful (or if we have followers who are overzealous! hahahaha!)

And some people don't understand the etiquette of proper tweeting. For example; find out the meaning of the REPLY button and the RETWEET (RT) button. Don't RT everything; use the REPLY button instead if you wanna chat with the person on twitterverse (Or better still, follow each other and DM (Direct Message) each other to spare everyone from knowing why you chose to buy the red pair of lacy underwear for your rendevouz tonight!)

The other downside is how fast inaccurate news can be spread. I remember after the passing of MJ, there were a few 'false alarm deaths' of other artistes...take for example Rick Ashley. I can give you more examples but my tweet sounds are alerting me.

Ooh...gotta go! Some people have DM-ed me. Will tweet this post soon.


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