Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Musings

I know I haven't been blogging regularly. Time is one factor. The other is, every konon inspiration I have to write, will be placed in my columns that I contribute to.

But after receiving so many beautiful and wonderful emails of late, I thought okay-lah, perhaps I should start blogging again. Plus, I always believe writing is therapeutic (unless you are chasing for a deadline that is =P)

I am currently in the midst of reading a compilation of articles about King Bhumipol, the current king of Thailand. Such a revered man here and now, from what I've been reading; I understand why. Even as a non-Thai, I feel very proud of his achievements and his sincere love and dedication to his people. Before a movie is played in the cinemas here, a song is specially dedicated to this highly intelligent and lovable husband & dad, father of the Thais -- and I too, stand proud amongst the Thais giving my respect to this frail old monarch.

Being away from home makes me see my own country from a different point of view. When the Bersih 2.0 rally happened, I read the reports from twitterverse and online. I also watched how BBC, Channel News Asia and Al-Jazeera reported the events. Aiming to remain 'neutral' -- it was hard not to feel sad, no wait- sad, slightly annoyed and disappointed, that such a beautiful country like Malaysia is facing all this. Today, I received a forwarded email that had pictures 'comically' (if not meanly) written about our leader(s) and their wiv(es). Yes. I know our system is less than perfect, but surely there is a better (and more matured way) of 'campaigning'.

I have tried to read between the lines, or to read different sources of reports to try and grasp the full story of each politician/situation -- and not base my thoughts on just one news report (especially if it's mainstream which we sort of come to accept as 'part of the system') as I don't want things to be taken out of context. Like I have always advocated, there is always, always 2 sides of a story -- but you know what? After going through the reports and trying to remain neutral, I get more frustrated. Why? Because somethings are just so plain silly.

There are just so many good things in Malaysia that we often take for granted. I pray that everyone is able to set apart their differences aside and to come really as ONE to do what's best for her - Malaysia and the beautiful motley of race, creed, religion and culture that she has with her. I pray for our leaders to be wise and fair, honest and willing to take criticism and for our rakyat to be proud of what sets us apart from the other countries with many ethnic groups living together as well as the other rich gifts our country has to offer. I pray that we will be able to embrace the love of mother nature to a higher, deeper level; so we can allow future Malaysians to enjoy her natural gifts to us. I pray that leaders from all parties, NGOs and the rakyat are able to work TOGETHER for a better Malaysia.


Having said that and being here in the Land of Smiles, listening to the opinions of my Thai friends and understanding what really is taking place on the political front of Thailand, safe to say, I am even more adamant about making sure Malaysia grows up 'healthily'. Yes. We celebrate Malaysia's 54th birthday next month - a grandma to some, but definitely still a baby compared to some nations.

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