Thursday, July 14, 2011


I read my first Harry Potter book many, many moons ago and was one of those who eagerly pre-booked the next paperback gleefully at our local bookstores.

When the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001, I was very upset that I didn't get to watch the movie 'fresh on it's release date'. Instead, I had to wait 4 days with crappy seats. I watched the movie 3 times with 3 different batch of Harry Potter crazed fans and have been hooked ever since.

Well, till Isobel came to my life.

I am not sure if it's cause more pressing issues were at stake, or if I agreed to a certain degree on the negative reviews of the later books/movies that was written/made; but my interest waned and I was no longer Pottified. On a hindsight, I was probably the latter cause eventually, I got bored of the "boy who couldnt die" - he was portrayed in the movie as a wuss more than a hero. Or perhaps my attention swayed to Hermione instead. I find her delightfully beautiful.

Anyway, now that things are settling down - and there is a bit of leeway to breathe; I'm relenting to the last-movie-Potter craze and have driven my husband nuts getting tickets to catch it on it's release day.

Last night, we wanted to get our tickets on iMax only to be disappointed that all good seats....correction...ALL SEATS were SOLD!

So, we only have our tickets to watch Harry Potter's finale on Saturday.

Trying not to read the reviews and have asked media friends back home (who had premier tickets *sizzle*) not to spoil the surprise for me.

One thing for sure, I am looking forward to date night with hubs this Sat. Alhamdulillah we got tickets, even if it's not on release date; I'm feeling blessed anyway. Plus, I have a feeling we have something to celebrate on that day too =)


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