Monday, June 20, 2011

Renovations & Stress

We are currently in the midst of doing some minor renovations for our new home. It's been crazy to say the least and because this time around, I'm scouting around for my own contractors/lights/curtains/flooring/cabinets as opposed to hiring an ID man to do the job for me to save cost, things get more haywire. (Unlike previously, where I had the luxury of getting Nick to help me out)

For this new place, I'm aiming for a more environmentally friendlier home. Hence the minimum renovations and using local stuff/products to reduce carbon footprints. We have a huge jacuzzi tub that I plan to take out and use for my little garden when things are more settled. With the second one on the way, there is only so much (or little) energy left inside me.

I feel old. =P

My Pensonic goodies have finally arrived. Why choose Pensonic? For two reasons. One, it's Malaysian owned-and-grown and is the nation's first "Made in Malaysia" electrical home appliances (buy Malaysian products yo! Reduce carbon footprints), and two, they have come up with an eco range. So my aircons, heaters, TV, kitchen appliances and washing machine are Pensonic products. Even my lights have Pensonic Energy saving bulbs!

Now we are in the midst of fixing our aircons in. Heaters and bathroom fixtures are up. Walk-in closet and kitchen cabinet is currently being installed. My Macy furniture was sent last week (locally assembled Malaysian furniture) -- even the 'kadazandusun' inspired sofa that I designed for charity has arrived!
Speaking of which: Check out this link to find out how you can win yourself a 42" TV!

I am not a huge fan of parquet flooring. But like I said, I wanted to not just save cost, but to reduce wastage, so I'm finding ways to deflect the attention off the floor to something else. I'm starting from scratch on most stuff, but for the nursery, I will be repainting Isobel's old cot for her younger sibling. That's going to be our little pet project next week. Can't wait!
(Hubby is scoffing at us, but I'm gonna show him =) )

I will however, be investing a bit of money on the dining and guest livingroom area floor downstairs where the library and study is. Again, Mother Nature is remembered, so I am getting ekowood flooring (they believe in sustainable forest management). That will be installed once I am back in form. Going for a darker shade to complement the white shelves and dark wooden dining set.

Will post pictures soon and blog part two on how to reduce renovation stress.


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