Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bed of roses it is not

Life is not always how we picture it to be.

I sit here alone in the office with my little girl playing with my hair,taking a breather from the crazy day I just had. It's been awhile since I've done a movie shoot and with the clumsiness of my typical blur-self, it's been tough trying to get some shots done (my character is not pregnant). But we killed all shots within the time frame and I had a fantastic time catching up with the team.

Speaking of clumsiness...last week, I fell into a manhole. My baby bump saved me from going all the way in =) Here's the report:-

Saved by 'baby bump'

Being pregnant has its advantages
Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 13:28:00
Daphne Iking

DAPHNE IKING (pic) looked radiant when met at a perfume launch event in KLCC recently.

But behind that beautiful smile, Daphne is nursing some cuts and bruises after falling into a manhole just a few days before.

“I was at Jalan Alor to have a dinner meeting with the Bella (ntv7) team and I was walking up and down the pavement trying to get a glimpse of the crew's car (they were lost).

"Then I spotted them, so I ran to grab their attention that they had found the place — and then I fell unglamorously into a manhole!” said the Sabahan beauty.

She was on her own, while her husband Azmi Abdul Rahman (Joe) waited for their table with her three-year-old daughter Isobel Daniella, unaware she had fallen.

Daphne added that she was very lucky not to have fallen all the way in, thanks to her baby bump.

“I injured both legs with cuts and bruises. Surprisingly, despite the bump holding me from going all the way in, there was no injury or bruise on the tummy and baby is fine.

“(Azmi) was shocked and deeply concerned.”

Needless to say, her husband doesn't allow her to walk alone anymore.

Talking about her baby, we wondered when the baby was due, if she already knew the gender and if the couple had picked a name yet.

“We want to keep all that a surprise!” smiled the 32-year-old.

Daphne was at the Bvlgari cocktail launch of its latest women eau de parfum fragrance, Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir, representing ntv7 for Bella, along with her co-hosts, Elaine Daly and Deborah Henry.

The anchors of the daily English language women's talk show were acknowledged by Bvlgari for Bella’s inspiring representation of every empowered Malaysian woman.

Sometimes we all go into a manhole-- coming out bruised and battered, but still able to limp if not walk. A pal of mine was down in the dumps recently because of some unkind rumors emerged of 'her past'. She asked me how I have coped with some nasty allegations and speculation in the past. I gave her my 'strong' answer.

"You can't go pleasing everyone. Alhamdulillah for fitnah orang ...because you get pahala for their nasty slanderous remarks"

This answer usually helps me feel better when unpleasant news get to me. But somedays, especially when the news involves other family members, I naturally get worked up - and no matter how I try to detach myself from feeling that way, I still feel hurt and angry.

My first reaction is to defend myself. I mean...who wants to be called names right? Moreso, when it from those who don't even know me!

But I tried that for the few months - and it only drained me out even more. So I stopped. I stopped explaining...stop "sharing". I just kept quiet. didn't stop people from still passing judgements or being being downright mean; but it gave me the peace of staying away from such negativities. Life is not a bed of roses. Never will be -- but I am humbled that despite all that has happened, I am still blessed with a beautiful child and a new addition coming soon!

When 100 strangers say the nasties about you, or when you walk into a manhole unknowingly -- smile for the 10 who have stayed by your side and believed in you --- nursing your cuts and bruises and making sure you're back on the circuit sharing your love and passion with the people and causes that make YOU happy.

And as difficult as it is, forgive those who have said ignorant stuff about you -- and seek pardon from those you may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt.

God bless everyone...

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