Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Choppity Chop says Bel

While I was carrying Isobel, my (ex) mother in-law used to encourage me to look at beautiful pictures of cute babies and concentrate on looking at ‘features of the child that I wanted’ for my unborn baby. Since I was thinning in the eyelash department, I made sure I focused on that trait. I also ‘asked’ for thick, curly hair and a dimple on her right cheek (Hey! If you are going to do some baby-mother law of attraction whilst she/he is in the womb, might as well go all the way, no?)

And yes. I also prayed that the child would grow up healthy and normal.

So when she was delivered to the world (with Michael Jackson crooning in the background), I was happy she was healthy and normal. Still gooey from all the muck, I couldn’t see her eyes and she looked more like a shriveled huge raisin, so I couldn’t make out to see if she had a dimple, but what I did notice was her hair. She had plenty of it - a mop of curly, thick and black hair. I recall passing out in the delivery room with a smile on my face.

Fast forward 3 years later, her hair has thinned out since. It is no longer super thick and black, but light brown and fine. Mum told me this is normal. She had beautiful ringlets though, and that is why I loved her hair long.

Had? LovED?

Yes. Isobel Daniella had decided to take matters into her own hands. Her soft, beautiful ringlets on both sides of the head were trimmed off. No wait. Butchered off. I think she couldn’t reach the back of her hair, so what looked like this before:

now looks like this:

When I came home that day, she refused to come out to hug me. Feeling dejected; I peeked into her room to see what she was up to. That was when the maid came apologizing profusely.

Containing my anger, I asked her to explain the little mishap.

While the nanny was sweeping the floor, Isobel had apparently climbed on my study table (blood stirring), tiptoed to grab the scissors from the highest shelf (blood stirred) and chopped off the sides of her hair (burst anger).

Yes. I was angry with bibik for being so careless. What if Isobel had fallen down? What if she injured herself while doing the Britney? There was no point screaming – from the look on both their faces, I knew BOTH were sorry.

I knelt down to see the damage. It was just one of those memory moments of mine when I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. She reminded me of Rod Stewart or that dude from Quantum Leap who invented gadgets. No injuries – thank GOD! But yes, her beautiful, layered hair was now a figment of my imagination.

I messaged my mum. BBM-ed (blackberry message) her a picture of her only grand-daughter.

Kenapa dia pigi putung itu?Kenapa kau kasih biar saja itu gunting berkeliaran? Doi…si odu

(Why did she cut her hair like that? Why did you leave the scissors hanging around (in the house) like that? Poor Odu)

I presume it was Isobel’s first trip to the salon the week before that had propelled her to try it out for herself. Well, brownie points for good observation and wanting to learn, I guess?

Scissors and other sharp objects are now kept safe in a locked drawer. I had taken her back to the salon recently. Isobel and I cried when the hairstylist chopped off the rest of her long locks.

Children learn everything by mimicking what they see. That is why it is highly important to set a stabilized environment for the child and surrounding the child with positive vibes, strong values and good education. I’m hoping and praying that this will be a lesson learnt for all of us and her last attempt to self trim her crowning glory. Amen.

Daphne Iking truly believes in the “baby-mother law of attraction whilst she/he is in the womb” theory. Isobel has gorgeous luscious long eyelashes and a faint dimple on her right cheek too.* Wink *

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