Thursday, March 3, 2011

I've got my mummy blog!

Just as mum had promised me, Isobel and I have survived the first month of the year adjusting to one another’s schedule – mine of a new direction in my career, and hers with her new school. In her former nursery, she had a school van to take her to school, so sending her diligently on my own whilst getting used to my new working hours was somewhat quite challenging.

Every parent understands the anxiety of the first day of school – so I prepped myself a few days prior to the new school term.

First, I set a new sleeping pattern for the both of us, making sure we had enough time to fix breakfast and preparation of snacks for her school brunch. Then I planned the fastest route from home to her academy; even planning my parking from drop off and pick up at the respective hours. Anal? No. I was on a mission to be the best ‘soccer-working mom’.

I smelt failure when we appeared fresh face on her first day of school - only to find out that the term starts a week LATER than the normal pre-schooler’s out there. I was not only highly disappointed for getting my dates wrong, but sad because Isobel was so excited to meet new friends and I felt a surge of pity when she looked at me with those eyes asking me “why is it closed mummy? Where are my friends?”

When I twittered about my silliness, a flood of encouraging words of advice poured in.
“@daphCLPT, don’t worry. Take this as your trial run for smoother days ahead”
“Takpe @daphCLPT, go and spend quality time with Bel before school REALLY starts”

And they were right. Isobel and I had a nice daughter-mummy bonding session over breakfast and a week more to get used to the new shift in our lives.

There have been a few hiccups along the way, especially on days where I need to leave Isobel for awhile with her teachers after school ends, due to my show ending sharp at noon – but I know that she is in good hands.

I have peered into the windows outside her class, observing silently while she interacts with the other cute kids and enjoys the edutainment provided. She seems genuinely happy and is always so excited to come back for more the very next day.

I’m glad I have made the decision to change her school. The fees may be slightly more than what I was prepared to fork out on and adjusting my timetable to fit hers is daunting especially on ‘assignment’ and anchor days – but when she comes home with a smile on her face and an amazing burst of enthusiasm when it’s time to go to school again the next day – I know it’s worth all the money in the world and all the hassle of our transportation dilemma.

Here’s to all the frazzled parents in the world: A pat on the back for being the best that we can be for our kid(s).

God bless!

Daphne Iking

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