Not Gonna Cry - Mary J Blige

And remember this song from the movie 'Waiting to Exhale'?

Listening back to this track, reminds me that we should all be compassionate to one another. I've been left high and dry before; and so have others. Sometimes, we forget that the man we are so in love with - had probably hurt the woman before you; so do think carefully if it is real love or just a fling.

This weekend was a great time catching up with my girlfriends. As they poured their hearts out to me,sharing their woes on love, I could not help but think back at my failed relationships in the past and to compare their stories to mine. Someone had asked me in an interview if I would ever wanna delete the word "single" in my life. I told them, "I was never single. I had Isobel with me even when he left".

So to all those who have been hurt, who think they are alone raising their kid(s) -- please know that you are not. I am sorry he left or has hurt you. I truly am. And I shall pray for all of us to heal and to be stronger and to find someone who will treat us better, with more respect.

Listen to this song by Mary J Blige and find comfort in her words.