Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai everyone

I apologize for posting such a sad event on the first day of Chinese New Year...but as 3 are killed and thousands injured in the protests taking place in Egypt, it hard not to feel the global anger and sadness on news about the anti-Mubarak protests going on for a week since the curfew was introduced by the man who has said he will not seek reelection.

The sun is out and many of our Chinese friends are celebrating the first year of the New Year in smiles and happiness. As all this gaiety takes place in our country, Airasia and Malaysia Airlines have deployed planes to fly our Malaysian students in Egypt via Jeddah to KL. Global leaders around the world are lending their voices to call for an immediate solution to the ghastly protests where thousands of demonstrators refuse to budge the Tahrir Square despite being horse/camel charged, beaten up by the police and threatened with hovering military planes above.

This is the sad reality of life.

While in some places all seems cheery and sunny; other places around the world are affected by war or natural disasters. Naturally, we all want to live in a peaceful world where there is no hatred, war, famine and disasters. But this is how God intended it to be. Nothing is perfect but we try to lessen the imbalance by being kinder and more understanding amongst one another, and to treat our Mother Nature with more care and love.

This may have been a morbid entry for a new year (for some) -- but let this be a kind reminder to count our blessings. It is also a time for us to reflect and to remember that if at times, things don't fall into place as how we expect it to be; then it's God's will; and HE has a reason for everything. No matter how painful or horrible it seems.

I was told not to express myself "too freely" on my cyber journal/social networks etc the other day. Naturally I felt a bit of discomfort with this because this is my personal platform of expression and to add insult, I have never said anything ill-mannered to the person(s) allegedly 'written' in my blog etc. But as a sign of respect to those who are older than me, I shall respect their instructions -- no matter how odd it was told to me.

Oh well.

On a sunnier note, things are slowly but surely taking place. Tightening the belt for better things to come. God willing, all will be better someday.

Happy Year of the Rabbit and have a fantastic weekend everyone. Yes, that includes you too dear. ;P

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