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Boost your day with 'Bella'

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 15:45:00

Elaine Daly

WHEN we first heard of Bella, our ini­tial thoughts were of Search's famous song Isabellaand of course, Bella of the Twilight fame.

But if you asked Daphne Iking, Elaine Daly and Deborah Henry, Bella means a lot more that fictional char­acters. It's a new talk show hosted by the three.

"Bella translates into 'beautiful' in Italian, is a female name, and has a nice ring to it," said the Irish-Indian Henry, who recently was crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011, after winning the Miss World Malaysia in 2007.

"And the show Bella covers most topics. We want to be relevant and connect with women in Malaysia."

If you are still puzzled, Bella is ac­tually ntv7s' brand new talk show, hosted by the three beautiful women mentioned. This half-an-hour maga­zine style talk show airs every Monday to Friday at 11.30am with a special 60-minute live show every Sunday at 1.30pm.

"Bella reflects all that is feminine," said Iking. "Being a talk show that is catered especially for the ladies, Bella is not all about physical beauty but also personality. Bellaalso reflects all things in life that should be precious, extraordinary and must be handled with care and Bella is just plain beau­tiful. It's as simple as that."

With so many talk shows on women issues already on TV, what makes Bel­la special and a must-watch?

"To me, Bella's special as there are three hosts from different back­grounds, giving the show three dif­ferent perspectives on the numerous segments," added Iking. "It gives view­ers a refreshing outlook on the issues discussed and keeps the momentum going. There's always a new topic to be discussed plus actually there are not many local English language talk shows on women's issues," explained the Belukar actress.

Brand manager of ntv7, Emilya Ab Rahim added, "Bella aims to be the pioneer in the daytime slot, high­lighting the true strength of a woman by blending genuine warmth and hu­mour. The show will feature a diverse mix of celebrity interviews, audience participation and segments high­lighting extraordinary stories and tal­ents of everyday women."


Deborah Henry

Each day of the week brings differ­ent segments and issues to tackle. On Mondays, the 'Who's Who' segment will highlight individuals with high profile portfolio; Tuesday's show will be a tantalising array of fashion and beauty tips, from professional skin­care experts to cues from renowned designers; 'The Big Reveal' on Wednesdays will showcase ce­lebrities' personal lives and their aspirations; Thursday's show comprises segments dedicated on lifestyle which include tips on gizmo, torque, as well as creative takes on mundane issues such as money; and Fridays will be a bit more masculine for that is when the male opinion comes into perspective with 'Mars vs. Venus' segment.

The three women, well-known names in the local enter­tainment industry for their role in beauty pageants, modelling, hosting, movies and TV shows, went on an audition process to be on Bella.

While Henry is quite fresh in TV hosting, Iking and Daly had been gracing ntv7 for a number of shows already, es­pecially known for their stint on The Breakfast Show (TBS).

"I absolutely loved TBS," said Daly. "I love hosting live shows because it's fun and challenging, so hosting Bella is a total joy for me."

Iking added, "I have very good memories with the morning show and will always cherish those whom I worked so well with during my four-year stint. But things have been mov­ing progressively in both my career and personal development and I was craving for something new. Bella was that chance to go back to production and face new challenges of a new team, new beginnings, new expectations."

With the show's special daily segments, we asked each host their favourite Bellasegment.

"I'm always on the go and explore so many places, products and people. So the 'Thursday Lifestyle' slot is so apt for me," answered Iking, laugh­ing. "I've already been on a few assign­ments prior to Bella going live and going back doing journalism on travel, products and services is defi­nitely something I truly enjoy, so it's almost like I'm on holiday every time I'm 'assigned' to work. Bliss."

Daly said, "I love my 'Who's Who' segment. It's so interesting getting to interview peo­ple with great portfolios. Very inspiring."

Unlike the two, Henry however has no favourite as she loves all the seg­ments in Bella.

"I like the interviews, that's when we really get into the heart of a subject and get to know the inter­viewee better," said Henry, who is currently the face of Habib Jewels.

"It's my first time hosting a live show so that certainly has added some pressure to the job but at the same time it's a challenge and I love challenges. I enjoy Bella because we talk about everything, it's fun and I get to be more involved."


Daphne Iking


What are you busy with now, be­sides Bella?

I emcee events and still do a few shows now and then. I also run my own charity with a friend. We started Save Centre which we recently re­named Fugee School - we provide education for refugee children liv­ing in Malaysia. We believe educa­tion is such an important tool. It empowers children and allows them to take control over their lives.

Do you also aspire to be an actress or a singer?

If there is one thing I have learnt, it is to never say never! While singing and acting are not my main focus right now, you never know what the future holds.


Ever wanted to 'delete' the word 'single' in your life?

I was never single. She (daughter Isobel) was always with me even when 'he' left.

How do you cope with your job and being a single mother?

With a lot of patience and proper time management. I am blessed with a good nanny and a good school for Isobel so at least her welfare is less worrisome when I'm away from her. I am blessed with an independent young lady who is quite obedient so that helps. Isobel is a very expressive young lady who enjoys songs and dance. I don't know what her future holds but I know I'll be very support­ive of her career decision in future.

What about your acting career? Anything new coming up?

I've got too much on my plate to get involved with a big project like a movie/film for now. Acting is very time consuming and unfortunately does not pay as much as we wish to demand for the commitment of hours given. With so many things happening right now career-wise, I think I need to put a halt on acting.

What's your dream role?

A transsexual.


Any new projects we can look out for this year?

Yes. Many new projects in the pipeline, but I won't say anything until I sign on the dotted line.

What else is keeping you busy?

I just started my own bag line called Daly Bags, launched on Jan 15. It will be sold online in months to come, but people can join the mailing list at www.thedalystore. com and when we're running full throttle, they'll be notified.

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