Sunday, January 2, 2011


Tomorrow marks my girl's new term in her new school which means I have to be more disciplined in getting up earlier to make sure her snacks are ready before sending her to school (she used to have a school bus for her previous one). Having had a nice break since Christmas, I've had some quality time with Isobel after being away for so long.

My mum is right.

I was a tad bit worried (and a bit jealous too?) with her attachment with bibik the maid/nanny. Being a single working mum, the guilt of not spending enough time with her always arises, especially days when she'd rather sleep with the maid than her own mother. I always try and shake the feeling off, but naturally it does hurt a bit. Moreso since I've been trying to protect her from all the negativities of late.

But after spending some time with her (exactly what mum said), I know deep inside that she knows that I am her mother - not bibik or aunty kakak or Odu. ME. And THAT is special.

Anyway, the remote for the cable TV officially belongs to the princess. I have resorted to watching DVDs at the comfort of my room since Playhouse Disney is on most of the time. And there is only so much I can take of this song:

Yes. That would be the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hotdog song. The first time I heard (and yes, secretly danced to it too), I just sang "hotdog hotdog hot diggy di dog" ALL they way. Then, when I heard the song properly , I found out there was more to the song than just 'hotdog'. So I plonked myself in front of the TV (much to the maid's amusement) and started humming along to memorize the lyrics of this program my daughter was so obsessed with. So did I get at least half the song right?


No matter how long the song or rather the melody of the tune keeps playing in my head over & over the past few days, I know the tune - but I don't know the lyrics by-heart...YET. I have googled the youtube copy of the song so I can replay it over and over to get the lyrics right,but if it weren't for youtube, I would have to depend on getting the full lyrics from tv and continue just singing "hotdog diggy di dog" throughout the melody.

I have applied this little exercise to things I read or hear from someone else. Being a journalist, I know how articles are written and edited. My conclusion here is, if you were not at the situation, event or place - don't be too quick to comment, judge or pass around the news; especially if it's not something pleasant. Hard, since we are human and curiosity always gets the best of us; but like the saying goes, think before you act/speak - it rings true.

I say this because I am in the eye of the storm right now - and although we have had 3 years to comprehend and acknowledge the situation, it is still embarrassing and painful, to say the least.

I hope to apply this to a present situation my little family is facing too. I am sure she has her reason for doing and saying what she says. I will continue to pray for an answer and to be strong with her confusing actions.

We all have our imperfections and we all are entitled to be wrong - but we must learn from these mistakes and be wiser and kinder in our future endeavors. I leave you with a special fave singer of mine. Such a unique voice and apt lyrics for this post.

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