Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A quick breather from work to blog (otherwise my page will be filled with formspring answers only) =)

I just got back from a very tiring assignment in Manila followed by a photoshoot for a new magazine in Langkawi courtesy of the lovely folks from Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. Feeling nervous because as of most of my talks I'm asked to present, I ALWAYS leave preparations to last minute - only because I'll spend the first few days wondering why I agreed to it in the first place, then feeling pressured to find a good topic/content and finally, getting stressed because deadline is drawing near and NOTHING has been done.

So yes. I am to be a speaker for the 11th edition of KL's Pecha Kucha tomorrow night and I am not prepared. I managed to pass my slides this morning only to find out upon arriving KL that my initial topic is nowhere near the theme of the night. Crap. Perfect.

But it is midnight and I have to wake up early to send Bel to school and run some errands before an afternoon event, followed by a production meeting for BELLA and rushing back to town for the Pecha Kucha - so have decided to just wing it. Apologies in advance if I disappoint. =( But there will be very cool speakers, so for those who are coming tomorrow, mine will bore you for awhile, but stay awhile because the rest will definitely bring justice to the game.

What is Pecha Kucha?

It basically means "to chit chat" -- it's a presentation format introduced in Tokyo by these two architectures (if i'm not mistaken) and the rule of the game is simple: 20 images per presenter. 20 second per image. Total presentation = 6mins 40secs. Sounds easy?
It's not. Try it for yourself.

I still have no idea why I agreed to do this.

Ok. Enough whining. Back to work. Sob.

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