Merry Christmas?

My heart broke watching this. It is hard not to feel for Chia having seen for myself a similiar mismanagement of a case months back. Having been on the other side of the boat, I have learnt not to read too much into what I read, see and hear. There is bound to be another story somewhere -- like the saying goes; there's always two sides of the story.
But naturally, because I had witness too many a times when authorities are less than subtle in getting pocket money during these roadblocks ( I never give. Rather pay my wrong than to succumb to bribery) ; my sympathy leans more to Chia's predicament.

For Christmas, I am going to pray hard for justice to be served to the wrongdoers in this case. It was a brave, brave move for Chia to lodge this abuse. I know God will protect those who are innocent.

Here's the link:

God bless you