Friday, December 24, 2010

Looking for the daisies

After traveling for weeks, I find it a refreshing change to be able to sit down at my study and to immerse myself in cyberspace; even though it is still work-oriented.

Today is Christmas eve. And last night, after a wonderful jamming session with the kids and Cyn, I finally feel the Christmas spirit setting in. A whole lot of hoorah has taken place disturbingly in our lives - but for some strange reason, despite it all; I feel blessed that it is taking place. Forgive me if it sounds almost arrogant. But I truly believe in the cliche - God has a reason for everything - and I see it better now, if not clearer.

This morning, we woke up early to put Christmas decorations on the plants - our 2 year old pine tree is growing out of shape and refuses to resemble a traditional Christmas tree. And being one who prefers authentic stuff than fakes, we decided to improvise and to be fair to the other houseplants at home, thus decorations on all our green friends.

Isobel is quite the artist. (will post pictures later - battery low on DSLR). She has cleverly put the pine cones in the middle of this plant that is all leafy (no twigs for us to hang the coloured balls). Did I tell you that she speaks in sentences now? All grown up my little girl and as I stare at her each morning before I head off to work, I can't stop smiling at just how much joy she has brought to our lives. Special girl she is. And oh! She finally likes wearing dresses. Yay!

The trip to India was an eye-opening experience. I no longer complain about the dirty toilets in KL. At least we have proper toilets. Politicians complaining about billboards and logos in the parliament? Yes, they are not perfect, but at least things run far better here than in other counterparts of the world. Praise God for beautiful weather. Praise God for a roof above my head and money to buy groceries. I have a car that runs smoothly and some Malaysians maybe hooligans on the road, but at least you don't get honking every second of the day!


This Christmas is getting more meaningful than the last. Only because what used to affect me so badly, no longer matters.

Someone told me; there is noone you should fear but God. That rings true. Like I said in my previous blogpost -- I'm done with bullies and threats; unkind comments and gossipmongers. Repent. Forgive. Move On.

It's so much easier to smile and be kind to others when you live by that simple rule.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed new year ahead!

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