What will the neighbors think?

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to Ricardo from Daily Express for the article. Very sweet and kind of you.

It's always nice to hear from a fellow Sabahan. Speaking of Sabahan, strange how I'm hearing unkind stuff from 'a friend who knows me better'.


Even stranger that you introduce yourself with this:
"You don't have to worry about people talking about you behind your back because that only means that you're two steps ahead of them"
But then you go and talk about the family. The very same family you grew up with.

Moving on, I have been on a mission recently to scout for organic cotton and bamboo fibre material. A trying time; but RY just got me a contact whom we are going to meet sometime this week. I am very excited with 'Eleanor'. I have been toying with the idea for months now. Just to make it happen!

But what will those closest say about this mini project of mine? I'm sure they'll be just as concerned, but all I can safely say is this. What if it DOES take off?

I guess we can't be too concerned about what others say and think. Orelse you will go absolutely bonkers trying to please everyone. I leaped at the opportunity of taking my degrees in Mass Communications. Something NOT in the original pipeline, but I am happy even though it might not please the man I love dearly.

I am now going ahead with a new team. From my administration team to a new direction in my career.

This probably doesn't sit well with some, but like I said - we can't go pleasing everyone now can we? We just strive to do the best we can while being kind in our efforts to self enrichment.

God bless the naysayers. Smile. It is not a horrible world if you just stop bitching and concentrate on the rainbows.