Catching up

It's been awhile since I last wrote in and a few things have happened along the way.

For starters, Isobel and I did our first fashion show together. With a gathering of 30 celeb mums and their offsprings, we sashayed (or ran after our tykes in my case) down the M-IFW runway. Because Deborah Henry was heading this charity drive; I said yes. But never again. Don't think Isobel and I belong on the catwalk.

Backstage, I met someone I didn't expect to meet, although admittedly when I saw her son earlier during rehearsals, the little boy did remind me of someone.
She came to say hello. I stood there amidst screaming toddlers and frazzled parents. I just stood looking at her not recalling who she was till slowly, the painful memories came trickling in.

" are you?"

"I could be better...and how are you?"


I can't remember if we shook hands, but I recall it being very awkward.

I was not sure how to feel after our uncomfortable and brief conversation. Many a times I had pictured how our 'reunion' would be. I imagined the worst. But nothing like this.

We look at each other's child(ren) and smiled at each other.

"she has beautiful eyes"

We are both mothers. And we were both in hurting. I wanted so much to hug her and to cry and to tell her I'd fix it. But I was not God. Nor did I want to insult the powers of raw emotions and uncomprehending feelings. So I just said Goodbye.

I saw her again when Bel and I did the show. I winked at her. She smiled and then she disappeared.

I will never know how she feels but I will continue to pray, seek forgiveness, repent and love with all my heart.
And I pray angry hearts will soothe and that Isobel will continue to be blessed with happiness and wisdom to comprehend the things I need to tell her in near future.