Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A case of dry and sweet-sour grapes

I am tired of it being referred to as my case. Cause it's not.

But for the first time in 2 years, I am no longer afraid. I am tired and sad, but no longer afraid. I guess what he's done has only made me immune to the speculation, the threats, the constant worrying of my future for Bel and I and I am just so, so exhausted by the commotion and too busy moving on; that his threats are now a thing of the past.

All I have left are prayers, good friends & family and a child who needs a sane, healthy mom. And to be sane, I need to be strong and wise.

The grapes used to be so plump and juicy; sweet and tasty. But over years, it is now fine wine - ready to be served to a wine connoisseur who appreciates a good glass of red. Half full glass? I say that's just the right amount poured in a European wine glass anyway...=)

God bless you and your family for wanting to do this. May angels protect us all; especially Bel - because she might not have your worldly pleasures, but she sure has sprinkles of God's kindred soul and an angel's smile - and that's good enough for us.

"Angels brought her here"

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