Friday, October 8, 2010

My answers with EatPrayLove

1. What brings you into buying Eat Pray Love and read it page after page?

My sister bought me the book on the 29th November 2008. Read it when I was going through a divorce. Had no idea what the book was about but her words were this " My dearest Popon (my nickname), I laughed, cried and was inspired by this...I hope you are too...Love, Michelle-Ann". The Iking clan love reading, so receiving books randomly from each other is a norm in our family. But for some strange reason, this book came God sent. I needed the humor, the honesty, the sincerity of the complicated life of Liz. I was looking for answers of my own.
2. And what are your thoughts after reading Eat Pray Love?

My sister was apt when she wrote what she wrote on her note. I DID INDEED laugh. I cried. And I was inspired. I remember reading it for the first time - I was alone at this rented home, little Isobel was with my parents. My (ex)-husband was at our matrimonial home and I was just... alone. It was raining and I was curled up in my pajamas on the white couch reading. I could not stop reading. The only time I stopped was to pee and to blow my nose. I have never cried as much as I did that day. I recall reading the last chapter, and then getting up from the couch to take my first shower after 3 days. The sun miraculously appeared. Almost eerily, the sun shone and so did my perspective in life. I was SO influenced by the story, I named my blog after it. ( Life still has it's ups and downs. But when the tough gets tougher, i always seem to be drawn to rereading the book.

3. Would you be as daring as Elizabeth Gilbert to leave everything behind and go on to a journey of self-discovery? and why?

Liz has no little Isobel. That's the difference. But I have had in my past just done the exact opposite of what was advised. Only because I knew I had to do what I had to. Only God and a very small trusted lot know what I am talking about. It's very important to go through a journey of self-discovery. You will never know your full potential or to appreciate life and yourself unless you do so. And only when you start to understand why you are in this world of ours, can you begin to be kinder in your words and gestures. I have learned along these few years, who my truest friends are, and surprisingly they are not the ones you thought you could count on. Those who have done their share of nonsense are always the fastest to point fingers and look down on you. Sad huh? The book showed me that everyone has problems unknown to others - and there is no need to justify your actions to everyone, cause at the end of the day, it's between you and God.
4. If there's any chance for you to experience Eat Pray Love, where would you go for Eat, Pray, Love and why?

I'm torn between Rome and Greece. There is so much history and mythology behind these two --such beautiful stories, places, languages, art and love. Sigh
5. The movie on Eat Pray Love is coming out soon! Are you excited about it?

HELL YEAH! But I am also a teeny worried that the movie will disappoint. (There will be some who will compare the book and the movie)

Note that I have watched the movie. As expected in most books turn movie; it was not the same ; but I enjoyed it nonetheless. There were some horrible reviews on it, but I enjoyed it. I cried.I laughed. And I silently prayed for those who continue to hurt and is bitter and who feels guilty.

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