Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WAO Wishlist

Dear beloved readers:

I am writing as a member of the Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) - a home to battered women and their children. The refuge is also a centre for WAO's activities relating to family, women and domestic violence issues.

The Child Care Centre (CCC) and the refuge is in need of necessities which include basic needs like toiletries and dry food; to medical and household needs. I am trying to get in touch with my previous clients/friends whom I have had close working relationships with, to see if their companies can donate some of these much needed items. I am currently trying to push for baby toiletries, milk and diapers as well as some medical needs for the Centres. However, we could do with more help; so if you are able to donate/ know of someone who would be keen to help - please do email me or speak to someone from WAO directly (in case you think I'm going to hog all these provisions for myself =p Just kidding!)

I have retyped the WISHLIST. Do read through and see if you can help.

Basic Needs:
Talcum Powder
Women's toiletries
New Undergarment for women and children (all sizes)
Laundry Detergent
Toilet rolls

Medical Needs:
Panadol syrup for children
Cough syrup

Household needs:
Rubbish Bags
Pillows and pillow covers
Fluorescent lights (small and big)

Powdered milk

Weekly provisions:
Chickens - 2 birds
Fish - 1kg
Leafy Vegetables
Red and green Peppers
Bean Sprouts
Coconut milk & grated coconut
Fish cakes/fish balls

Sofa set for living room and waiting room of Refuge and CCC
Diapers (small)
Powdered milk (for babies and children)

Even if you are unable to spare your time, money or contacts - do please read more about WAO's services and beliefs and spread the word around.

There were some key people and events who have made me forgive and repent my actions in the past - WAO was one of them and I stand truly indebted to them.

I am particularly concerned for the children who usually have none, if not little choice when they are exposed to a physically or sexually abusive environment.

And since we are on the topic of Sexual abuse, may I stress a quote found in WAO's website:

Often the victim is blamed for rape, but it needs to be stressed that rape is not the fault of the victim. Rape is not provoked by women wearing sexy clothes or behaving seductively - many teenagers in uniforms have been raped. It is also not an "over-spill" of sexual energy, or an impulsive crime. Rape is a violation of the victim's will and her body - no woman asks to be raped - and rape is a crime of violence using sex as a weapon. A high percentage of rapists are acquaintances, "friends" and relatives, and approximately 69.4% of rapes occurred in "safe" places (houses, schools etc.)


Anyway, please do email me at daphne@daphneiking.com or you can go to WAO's website and find out howelse you can contribute.

Thank you for reading and God bless!

Love and sprinkle of hope & laughter,

Daphne Iking
(and baby Isobel)

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  1. Dear all,

    I have been receiving overwhelming support and emails from all of you. THANK YOU. If you wish to donate directly, you may check out their WAO website. Or speak to Nicole or Ann - and let them k now how you would assist. I will be in touch with those who have emailed/messaged me directly so I can coordinate accordingly. My sincere apologies for the late reply. Raya lemang has kept me sloggish! =p

    God bless all of you,