Stop. Look. Cross

Picture courtesy of Rina Omar. =)

I can't go pleasing everyone - I can't keep justifying myself and I can't stop tongues from wagging or people from condemning. But I can keep still and patient , repent and forgive - and focus on those who matter.

Now it's a threat? Thank God for authorities.

"I'm not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying" --Nelson Mandela

Yup. Never said I was a saint. I am afterall God's child- a sinner. But I am trying to make amends and to do the best I can for all.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

God bless xoxo


  1. am normally a silent reader your kid kindness in one post, then hyping yourself as queen bitch in the next...dunno if you saint or sinner but you sure are contradicting ur self.

  2. Thank you for your observation. I guess depending on how you read or see it, it will be interpreted according to that perception.
    Not sure if I'm making sense here - but basically, what may be 'hyping Queen bitch' to you, could be something else to someone else.

    Have a blessed weekend and May God bless you.



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