Laughing is great for the soul

This picture made cover for OTE. It was the 1 'main-main' shot that I jokingly told the photographer and editor to use. I said to them, "this is the REAL Daphne Iking" - the comic relief and klutz. They agreed with my suggestion and I am tickled by the comments that spilled over after. Suffice to say, this is one Cover I'll definitely keep for bragging rights to my children's offspring in the future. =)

The interview with Patrick Teoh was therapeutical to say the least - I love how the 3 men (Patrick, Jason and Chooe) who are a generation older than me - reacted with my (forthright) views on politics, love (lust?) and our country. Hold on. They DIDN'T react. They were neutral. They listened, nodded their heads, smiled, challenged me and prodded on with more intense questions. We all knew we were not able to print the content, but it was a forum that I truly enjoyed. Sprinkled with some catty remarks and a generous amount of laughter, I walked out of the studio intoxicated with happiness and the knowledge of a beautiful friendship formed.

Yesterday, I was given the honor to speak at Datuk Anna and Amber's Beauty & Fashion Workshop about Public Speaking. Reserved initially with the invitation, I finally agreed after some persuasion from the beauties.

Butterflies in the tummy and an ipad as my security blanket, I delivered the talk in 52minutes to a group of 50 ladies in the room.

I am glad I did it to be quite honest. It was a different ballgame all together and a first for me.

When my Manager asked the organizers and the participants how I fared, the majority answered: She's so funny!


Amber messaged me this morning and told me that both Ben and I were rated best speakers for the 2 day workshop.
Yay! There must be something right then.

When I die, I want happy music to be played and I want a full blown cabaret show during after the eulogy. Life should be celebrated and I am blessed to be surrounded with lots of love and laughter.

Amen to that!


  1. Dear Daphne..

    That's the spirit ... love it! :)

  2. Hi Lady, I enjoyed reading your very eloquent posting. And must admit took extra minutes to ahemm, admire the photographs too.
    Love the beautiful dresses you and your friends wore....really sensational, and yours,.... outstanding! Love the colour.

    Your last paragraph is just by coincidence what I just posted about when my time comes for departure to 'up there' or wherever.....only mine is slightly different to yours......But I sure love your style, 'a full blown cabaret'.
    Lady, you are my kind of sure have real class and style. Wayyyyyy to go!

    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

  3. Dear friends of my blog,

    Thank you for your comments. It's been a crazy year and it can only get crazier with the vibes and love that I have! -)
    Come and drop by my blog when you can. Always good to hear feedback. Good or bad.

    God bless,


  4. OOOOH I SEE A BUMP! ;) *winks

  5. ha ha ha....sudah gemuk lah this aunty YSMSN :)

    But Isobel loves my lemak. She keeps playing 'toing toing' on it.

    God bless all of you!

  6. awwwhh so adorable lah isobel. how lucky!

  7. Dat mag cover shot is so candid and so YOU! That's why it's special eh? :)

    You are Isobel's tranpoline.. hehe... doink doink :P


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