Don't be sad

I had to do something for a dear friend who needed to place a point across to his ex.And since he knew she reads my tweets/blog; he asked me to write what I wrote.In the end,the son was placed in the middle, just like how I am placed in the wrath of these 2 individuals.He said, "sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind" -- I don't know if that is the best for now.Cause I feel sad for her.

God bless you.

On a different note, God has a spectrum of methods - from morbid to candid - to show us what we need to know. Be it the smile of your child when you think life is over or something more drastic like a perfect stranger telling you that your boyfriend is cheating with your closest confidante.

I know a lovely, lovely man who threw a lavish wedding party to marry his longtime boyfriend, only to come back to his workplace and hide his sexual preference because 'its all about appearance and image'.

This is a post to those who are feeling lost, who are in pain, who can't forgive, who are guilty, who are misconstrued, who is depressed, tormented, sad, jealous and angry.

Comedy is much more difficult than tragedy-and a much better training, I think. It's much easier to make people cry than to make them laugh.

Vivien Leigh

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Theodor Geisel

My prayers goes out to those in hurting -
Or to those I have offended or is angry with me even if I don't know you. Maaf zahir & batin.


  1. we must belive that something happened to us is under Allah s.w.t concerned. Allah s.w.t want to test " iman " or " our belive " ...Teacher gives test/kuiz to their pupils to testing their pupils either understand or not their lesson...Allah s.w.t gives test to us to test our trust to HIM ...than we must remember that if mother loves their sons coz she birth that son...Allah s.w.t more than it...coz Allah s.w.t create us..

  2. Dear Daphne..

    I always believe that everything happens for a reason ..

    And like this :-

    'Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.' Theodor Geisel


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