Saturday, July 31, 2010

Open Your Heart to Knowledge and Understanding

I recently picked up this book. Someone saw me reading this while I was having my Chinese soup at my neighbourhood mall.

"Hi...are you Daphne Iking?"

(put down book on lap and offer my hand)

"Yes, how do you do?"

"I thought you are Chinese?"

"No, I am kadazandusun"

"Oh...then why read that book ah?"

(Stunned silence)

"why not?"

"Research for your morning show ah?"

"No, I just enjoy reading"


From books, I want to bring your attention to this interesting man I had the privilege of interviewing several times on the morning show. I always find his views refreshingly simple, yet witty and straight to the point. I enjoy watching his videos on PeaceTV. Ustaz Hussien Yee is a Malaysian Chinese Convert who teaches Islam. I love how he peppers his talks with jokes and stories from the Quran. Very enlightening and encouraging.

I have allowed my domestic helper to have Terawih prayers at home. Spiritual prayers to God has such calming presence . I don't understand employers who don't allow their workers to fast during the ramadhan. I quite often find myself fasting alongside with my Muslim friends, great for detox anyway plus it allows me to test my patience.

Sometimes, when bibik does her solat, Isobel prays alongside with her, imitating her (using her diaper mat as her sejadah (praying mat). And when I pray the rosary, Bel has her own mini rosary that she grasps on.

"Won't that confuse the child?"

How do I answer this?

I have books on Islam, Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism that sits alongside my books of Christianity. I also read about NewAge and meditation.

I am not a "perfect" Catholic, but I believe in God, the Father Almighty. Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Teachings of God.

I pray for wisdom for everyone and narrow minded people to stop being so judgmental.


  1. waa..i love this 1, ne la org ckp 1Malaysia..:)

  2. i like yr attitude...yes we need to find out the truth...the truth must be one...The truth is belong to the "The only one"...We need to sacrifice to get the truth...If you want me to suggest you the way.. i prefer you with all my soul is UNDERSTAND THE AL AQURAN...not from malay but directly from ALQURAN...thanks

  3. Hi Daphne,

    This is a great writing piece, really enjoyed reading it.

    -ardeez, avid silent reader-

  4. If there are more ppl like you, I think the world will be a better place.

  5. I second everyone's views above! This is great, if only everyone was open minded and not confined in their own boxes of limited intellect, hatred would not even be able to come into existence. Therefore no discrimination.

    Because I think all religions point to one Mighty Being; just from different angles.

    Oh by the way, I watch the breakfast show every morning and I've always wanted to be the news reader! The lady who reads the text while the tv screen plays the footage? yes that one:)

  6. well written! But how do you explain this to a confused child?