Friday, July 23, 2010

Lake Toba Day 1

I know this is very outdated, but better late than never. I went to seek solace in the mystical Lake Toba during my Birthday Weekend.

Why Lake Toba (Danau Toba)?

I wanted to go somewhere mysterious BUT requires minimal expenditure *read=cheap (thrifty is my middle name now).

After much thought, I decided to tryout Firefly and head to Sumatera.

I miss the old airport in Subang. The airport was admittedly quiet and empty, but the toilets were clean and the staff were friendly (the immigration kakak even joked saying "panas sikit lah kalau naik firefly, sebab kipas kat luar!")

The cabin crew are SOOOOO much nicer than the more popular & bigger airlines. Thumbs up to Firefly!

Return ticket to Medan from Subang per person: about RM285 including taxes/admin fee/insurance

The journey from Medan to Pulau Samosir is roughly a 4 1/2 hour road trip.
There was a long jam getting there, something out of the norm according to my supir. So it was a painful 6 hour journey. I was almost in tears (had been sick a few days back and had not completely recovered) and just when I was about to throw in the blanket...I saw the sunset as we were zooming by the bends to Parapat.
I was so overwhelmed, I forgot to take the pictures!

Whilst waiting for the last ferry out from Parapat to Samosir, I felt hungry. The night chills were getting stronger and I donned my sweater on. Ordered mee goreng and nasi goreng. (just in case I didn't like the former - excuses ...excuses. I am just a glutton)


Miss my Isobel...the chef frying my food

See how they display their food

Did not take pictures inside the ferry because it was wet and I was too busy gobbling my food.

Went to the resthouse and slept straightaway. Pictures of Day two up soon.

Going for a massage now.


  1. Nice journey =D, wait the next series!


  2. they bsay pulau samosir is bigger then spore..... cool huh, its on a crater somemore

  3. Shahrul, Day 2 is up!

    Lily -- yeah...and its SOOOO beautiful