Friday, July 23, 2010

Keith Kee's Muse for MODA 2010

A few days ago, I (with a whole bunch of other folks) fought the (horrible) jam (caused by the flashflood/torrential rain) to attend one of the biggest Fashion Shows in Malaysia organised by the Malaysian Official Designers Association or MODA.

MODA turns 20 this year and an inspiring “Unity” fashion showcase was held at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to celebrate 20 years of the fashion and beauty industry’s success in Malaysia.

The glitzy event started 'relatively earlier' than past years, despite the rain and guests were kept mesmerized by the amazing creations of Malaysians up-and-coming as well as veteran designers who graced the catwalk with their respective muse(s).

Keith Kee (bless his angelic and creative soul) made Emily and I his muse.

MODA recognized these talented designers for their creativity and interest in the fashion and beauty industry.

VIPS, Socialites, Fashionistas and the media were dressed to the nines for this fabulous fashion show that drew various celebrities from the fashion world including world renowned New York based Malaysian fashion designer Zang Toi, Malaysian international model Ling Tan and London based Malaysian fashion designer Professor Dato' Dr. Jimmy Choo OBE.

It was good to catch up with some old pals. Here are some of the pictures of the night:

The few men I trust in my life.

With Atilia baby, Kenneth and Endie taking a breather outside

The theme was EMERALD GREEN. Only some of the designers stuck to the original theme.

Beautiful model and actress Emily Lim Pei Chi was my partner in crime for the event.

The man behind the cabaret-inspired cocktail dress I wore for the night. We bonded the night of Amber's wedding in Bali and have kept in touch ever since.

I am always in stitches when these two come together. Ok. That sounded wrong. VERY wrong.

See what I mean? Joker ...

President of MODA Gillian Hung aka Mama G delivering her speech accompanied by past Presidents of MODA.
Farhan belting it out in a very foxy outfit designed by Veteren designer Bill Keith.

I recall being so tired here. It's been a crazy schedule over the past 3 weeks.

Melinda Looi with her adorable daughter strutting the catwalk. The chorus of "awwwww" was heard loudly and I couldn't stop thinking of my little one from then onwards.

Syafinaz, Amber Chia and Andrea Fonseka walking with another fave designer of mine, Alvin Tay

Below is a video taken of me walking down the red carpet with Keith and Emily.

I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but unfortunately we ran out of batteries. Went home early because I had the morning show the next day, but I heard the party was a blast!
See you all for MODA's 21st Anniversary.

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