Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hong Kong

I was recently in HK for an assignment. The last time I was there was about 2 years ago. No wait. Maybe 3 years ago? So it was an almost nostalgic but eerie feeling coming back here on my own, albeit Sharir (TBS producer) being with me.

Here are some pictures to share with you.

(In random order)

Wan Chai. Red light district of Hong Kong. I was told by Melonie (our client who brought us to HK) that she was tickled funny by the GROs there. Clad in bras and tight, short shorts, she told me I had to go there for myself. So I did. My opinion? I've seen worst. I had an ex (hence the EX) who had a penchant for ... ladies who gave 'good' massages (note: no brainer to see why we broke up! Found out when he KO-ed and I found the evidence).

Cockeye Club.
Why they call it me. But one thing for sure, if they had cock-eyed waiters serving me, I'd be worried about them getting the orders right.

The picture above is taken from Victoria's Peak. I was there with Sheila Ningkan (former co-producer of both The Breakfast Show & Ladies Day Out) for our assignment with Cathay Pacific many years back. This time, I enjoyed the moment at night with someone else just as special.
Prior to my trip, I had a (damn long) email from Joanne de Rozario, suggesting places to go in HK. Being the (beautiful) anal woman that she is, her email was not just comprehensive - but super funny too. One of the shopping places that she suggested was at Queen's Road Central. I went to HMS. Superb sale. Got a few things for Kristen, Bel and of course...myself. Cheap and good.
At Stanley Road, I found this massage parlour. The rest looked dodgy. (Read: For Men only)
I had still not recovered from the Standard Chartered Run last Sunday, so I still felt weak in the legs. So was in dire need for a good rub. I lost the card, but if you ever need a good masseur, go here: 8th Floor. Jade Centre. Look for Pearly Toong or this uncle -- I really can't remember his name anymore. If I find the card (I made them write their names), I'll update this post.

A view from Lane Crawford where I went outside the balcony feeling super sad that I could not buy my Christian Louboutins & Alex McQueenies. =(
Next time time mummy will buy you sweet stilletos.

Come here for Halal food! The vegetable briyani and chicken curry is soooo good. I will post the video as soon as I edit it.
Address: 29, Tai Kok Tsui (Near Century 21 Salon)
The owner is a local from HongKong. When I asked her what made her open this halal business, she told me her BF is muslim, and she has many muslim friends. So it made sense to do a Halal restaurant since she loves cooking so much. I smiled ever so widely at that statement.
Bear in mind that it is NOT a restaurant/eatery. It's a place to order and takeaway.
We were so smitten with the place (& food), so we plonked ourselves at her small working table and interviewed her.

This is a picture of me at work at the Shaw Studios for the launch of HP's Web-empowered Print Solutions. A different blogpost for this coming soon.
Where we stayed. Looks different from the last time I was here.
Sharir got such a kick when I told him what this place was.
Cute shoes for about RM12?

Sharir bought 7 of these umbrellas. Don't ask me why. But he did.
The rest of the nice 'pictures' are all in video format. I forgot to take a picture with an old friend of mine Ezwan Johaniff who is currently working in HK. He and his wife are expecting their first child soon. I am so happy for him. Will be back soon!


  1. ur EX who lurved good massage KO.cud dat be tv3 ko kelvin ong?

  2. You were in Wan Chai?? was there too and it was... errrmmm interesting.. seeing the girls in mini lil school uni :) agreed! seen worst too! Hope you had fun :) - Melonie

  3. my goodnest everyone knew joe...:P my hubby was his exclassmate..and everyone met him in HK>..good one...