Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Charity Concert backdated post

Last year I sang -Yes SANG for a Christmas Charity show organised by the sweet Hannah Tan.
I sang with my band, CrisKroz whom I got to know from Church.
We sang Jingle Bells and Silver Bells.

Atilia and SOOO many other artistes were there to lend their support for this cause. All proceeds went to a Children's home selected by Hannah and her team

Daphne, Hannah and the rest of the members of CrizKros

Hannah reminds me of an Asian Kylie
Thank you for having me on board babe!
The reason why I decided to blog about this event is because of this man above. Dennis and I will be working on a Music video soon and I was looking for pictures of us in my album. Then I remembered the Christmas Charity event I (mortify-ingly) sang at and recalled how Dennis and I were talking about working together in the future. And now, after 7 months, we will be!

In fact rehearsals are tomorrow. I am deeply honored to be part of this project. Again, as for the roles offered and taken by me, there is always a bit of Daphne or her life that transcends the scenes.

Prelude in F minor.

Wish us luck!

PS: Dennis and I are also in the works on an environment song. Perfect timing for my company website. Yay!

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