Thursday, July 29, 2010

Babi itu Pig?

I was advised not to use the phrase "I'm pigging out" when I wrote that 'I was pigging out (while) enjoying the food at Puteri', (a restaurant in TTDI where they serve authentic Malay cuisine) on my BB status.

I was more amused than annoyed.

It's a phrase darlings. I am not implying pork is being served at this Halal-certified restaurant.

But that's what assumptions plus ignorance does to ones judgement.

Like the other day, I twittered something in the line of this:

"You can buy yourself a new car, but can't put food on the table for your own child"

(ada orang lain pulak terasa)

* I was referring to someone's son whom I have bought food and given pocket money to because his parent tak bagi*

Basically, someone thought the tweet was directed at him.
(Just like how I blogged about Sheahnee's ultrasound picture many moons back, and 'they' thought I was pregnant and reported to the ex saying I was trying to be 'funny')

How cute.

I guess we can't stop people from saying,doing or thinking the way they do. But what I can do is to teach my little girl to not be judgemental. To teach her to love unconditionally and to be kind, and courteous and learn the art of forgiveness and repent.

God bless you. Wherever you may be.


  1. The pig reminds me of someone though...comel.

  2. Dear Daphne..

    How true ... :)

    Siapa yg makan cili ... dialah rasa pedas!

  3. so many weird perasan ppl out thr huh

  4. Daphne dear, how true that you can't stop people from saying or even thinking bad about us. Well maybe raised up in such manner makes them the person they are..

    Just ignore it, and yea, keep happy just like you always do. Some people just eh i don't know why lah, not-happy-to-see-other-person-happy.. :D

    And lil'Isobel will grow up just like you one day..Full of energy, love and passion in life..

    God Bless!
    God bless you and lil' isobel.

  5. Tu la bah orang...ada saja yg mo membesar2kan benda tu...:(

  6. I don't see a reason for a blog if you can't write and express what you exactly feel.. If you hold back and censor certain words, it's not really expressing yourself.. It's just words and if people don't know the meaning they should just look the phrase up.. Gosh !!!

  7. some ppl are just too stups.. they dun read the whole thing and often spread half baked news... lantak lah this ppl kan.. you just do what u do best - smile :D