Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pre-Run Prep for SC Run

I have pledged my support with YAWA (Yayasan Anak Warisan Alam) - an NGO that educates youths on the importance of conserving mother nature. So next weekend, I will be 'running' a fun run to raise funds for YAWA in the Standard Chartered KL Marathon Run. Isobel and I were at Lake Gardens to get some final running tips from PT Mark (who is actually a teacher by profession) .
Makan time first

Did some warm up exercises. Bel attempting the TreePose.

Isobel throwing a tantrum

Slowly does it

Poor Bel left behind at the back (she fell prior to this and ate some grass, but like a trouper she is, she spat out the grass and was up and running again). Mama so proud of you girl!

Thank you to those who have contributed to my run this coming Sunday.

Bring Your Own Bottle/Bag is my new motto now.

Go Green. It's the new black.


  1. So proud of Isobel .. & her Mummy, too! :)

  2. Both of you look so lovely, especially cute little Isobel:-)